Hand Embroidered Flowers


10 Techniques for Hand Embroidered Flowers


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"Imagination is the highest kite one can fly. "

- Lauren Bacall


Ralph Waldo Emerson beautifully quoted, “The earth laughs in flowers.” Somehow if you can recreate the laughter, the fabric can be more rewarding. There are many ways flowers can be embroidered on clothes to enhance the look of the garment.

The embroidered flowers can be placed around the neckline or sleeves near the hem. Here are 10 techniques for hand-embroidered flowers – 


  • Woven Wheel Roses 


Woven Wheel Roses 


Roses are a classic and you can mix your look, by changing the size, color, and floss for several effects. The multicolored floss gives a unique look without the extra switching of the thread.


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  • French Knot Rosettes

French Knot Rosettes

It does not matter whether you make a single knot or a bunch of clustered ones, the little ones are there to fill space and add tiny flower buds. The secret to resize them is as per your floss wrap around the needle. 


  • Long and Short Stitch Flowers 


Long and Short Stitch Flowers 


Since they are a bunch of straight stitches in several lengths, the stitches are super easy to master. But the beauty is in bleeding the colors to form a flower with tons of depth and dimension.


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  • Wired Slips



Wired Slips

Stumpwork is any embroidery that is raised off the hop surface, and wired slips are a specific technique. It is perfect when you want those petals to come out.

You must learn to secure a delicate wire border to the fabric, then fill it in with thread to create a 3D effect. 


  • Mixed Media Flowers


Mixed Media Flowers


Experimentation is the name of the game for this free-form style. It is important to fuse fabrics to your background. Layer on beads and surface stitching until you will get a great look.

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  • Ribbon Rosettes



Ribbon Rosettes


If you want a traditional look and want to play with materials, grab some old ribbons. The rosettes are simple and look gorgeous on a fabric like velvet.


  • Satin Stitch Centers 


Satin Stitch Centers 

Whenever there is an option of fill stitches to choose from in hand embroidery, satin stitches are best when you need a solid color. Outlining your shape with a simple backstitch before you fill with these beauties, is very important.

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