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How To Crochet: Step By Step Guide

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"What you are is what you have been. What you’ll be is what you do now."

- Buddha


You may have encountered crochet in some form or the other, maybe an apparel or as an accessory around you. It is a beautiful combination of different colors of loops construction making an interesting beautiful item to wear or keep it as a fashion showpiece. Grandma used to do this.

In this piece of blog, you will see how to crochet, different materials and varieties in a beautiful manner.


1.Should know about different kinds of yarn


 Vast varieties of yarn are available in the market that we can use for crochet. One can choose the yarn according to the type of project he/she wants to do. Types of yarn that are available in the markets are:

  • 100%cotton yarn:

 Cotton yarn


As the name only specifies it is a yarn that is made up of cotton which will be perfect for the things that get washed frequently as these types of yarn are permeable and quite easy to wash.


  • Soft acrylic yarn: 


arcylic yarn


It is good for beginners as it is comparatively cheaper than other yarns. One should not go for the cheapest yarn as it is sometimes scratchy which makes the clothes look ugly and not useful.


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  • Novelty yarn: 


Novelty yarrn


It is the most expensive and diverse type of yarn. It mainly helps to make soft sweaters and scarves as it is very soft and fine wool. (NOTE: Not frequently washable)


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2.Determine  size and how to hold hooks

  You can refer to labels on the yarn for perfect hook size which can be used for crocheting. It can be measured in millimeters or fractions of an inch.

Basically, there are two types for holding the hook:

  • Over the hook position: 

Over the hook

Holding the hook where the handle rests on the palm as you hold the pencil. Use your thumb and index finger to hold on to the hook.

  • Under the hook position: 

Under the hook

The hand should be under the hook with the help of forefinger and thumb that is placed on the thumb rest.

You can choose any type of holding which is comfortable.

3.Figure out basic techniques

 There are different techniques which can be used for crocheting and they are as follows:

  • Make a test swatch: 

tesr stitch


Firstly start practicing with small knots specifically making nothing just to figure out how to stitch or how tight or lose the stitch you want to.

  • Chain Crocheting:

chain crocheting

It is a basic type of  crocheting where you need to form the slipknot( try to make a bend with your yarn so that yarns tail will be left out and hanged)  and muffle the yarn around the hook and then put the hook under the tail and pull the tail to tighten or loose the knot

  •  Creating single crochet:

 single crochet


So now we can make a new loop with chain stitch and then pull the new loop through the old and new loop, resulting in a single loop. Basically used for tight stitches.

  •  Creating double crochet:


double crochet


Comparatively looser than other stitches and are perfect for making comfortable sweaters and scarves. To make double crochet you need to make 15 or 20 chains which should be linked then follow yarning over the hook from front to back. Swoop the hook between the first two front loops and under the fourth chain and the repeat yarn process. Then repeat the same step yawning and swooping but the last two loops.


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4. Look into more ideas


  • Round crochet:


Round crochet


This type of stitching will let you create circular things table mat, wall hanging, etc

  • Turning Chains: 

Turning chains


It will help to change direction while crocheting. It is very useful for beautiful designs.

  • Foundation Ring


foundation ring


The chain should be joined into a ring and following stitches will continue into this ring, both in a continuous form. Now the hook should be inserted into the first stitch, covered with yarn and pull yarn through both chain stitch and looping the hoop practice will be taken as consideration for making a slip stitch.


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Making Crochet’s is the most interesting and beautiful work. You can create something from a different variety of yarns, like 100% cotton yarn, soft acrylic yarn, etc. There are many different techniques of making crotchets like single crochet, chain crochet, etc. This blog also explains about size and position of hooks and ideas. 

So whenever you are free to be creative and make something beautiful out of it.


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