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7 Advanced Crochet Patterns To Challenge Yourself

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Crocheting is one of the creative activities that makes you come up with unique ideas to make something different. While it’s a great skill to develop, it can get boring after a point if you don’t learn new knitting patterns.


Advanced crochet patterns are challenging to try as they require double concentration and focus to get the craft right. 


Here’s a list of advanced crochet patterns that you can try and level up your knitting game. It will not only keep you engaged but also activate your brain cells as you learn something new. 


Before getting into the crochet patterns, these are the different kinds of stitches that you can learn to add a unique touch to the final product. 


  • Bullion Stitch
  • Loop Stitch
  • Pineapple Lace
  • Star Stitch
  • Crocodile Stitch
  • Corner-to-corner
  • Traveling Stitches
  • Interwoven Crochet
  • Solomon’s Knot Stitch
  • Popcorn Stitch


  • Crochet Shawl Pattern


Crochet Shawl Pattern


Shawls made of yarn are just beautiful and they go well with all kinds of clothes. One such crochet shawl pattern is the Royal Pineapple which is lacy and light. You can wear it in different ways such as a scarf or wrap around your shoulders.


It’s a complicated crochet pattern and may take many hours to finish. But it’s totally worth your time and effort. 


You would require a yarn with zero laces of any color, a 3.75 mm crochet hook, needle and crochet gauge. 


Additionally, you can also work on making a cabled crochet shawl pattern which is not as lacy as Royal Pineapple Crochet.


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  • Crochet Blanket Pattern


Crochet Blanket Pattern


Knitting a blanket can be a time-consuming task but it pays off in the end. You get a beautiful crochet blanket which is both comfy and long lasting. 


For this, you would require a crochet hook of 5.5mm, yarn of medium or worsted weight, crochet gauge, needle and your creativity. 


  • Crochet Messy Bun Hat Pattern




It’s difficult to find good bunny hats in the market. Why not make it by yourself? You can also give it to your loved ones. This hat goes well with all kinds of hairstyles and that’s the best thing about it. 


It’s loose and comfortable to wear. Usually made from the bottom, this pattern can have different finishings depending on your requirement. 


You would require medium or worsted weight yarn, crochet gauge, and 6mm crochet hook to make this. 


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  • Crochet Scarf


Crochet Scarf


Knitting scarfs is easier when compared to other things like blankets, hats or sweaters. However, it requires extra time and effort to make an advanced crochet scarf. The homespun crochet infinity scarf is one such free crochet pattern that is cozy and unique. 


You need one or two yarns and a larger hook. Stitches should be inserted in a chain space. It’s the best thing to gift someone as it suits all kinds of outfit and is best for all seasons. 


  • Elevated Honeycomb Crochet Cowl


Elevated Honeycomb Crochet Cowl


Make crochet cowls using Elevated Honeycomb Crochet Stitch. There couldn’t be a better way to make something useful out of yarn. You can add deep texture to the crochet using this stitch pattern. 


All you need is bulky yarn and a few decorative buttons to make this crochet pattern.


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  • Tulip Mandala Crochet Pattern


Tulip Mandala Crochet Pattern


Make a flowery crochet pattern and use it for various purposes like home decor, hot pad for kitchen or dining table, or wall stickers. The best thing about this crochet pattern is that it looks exactly like a Tulip on using colors like Pink, Blue and Yellow. 


To make this, you would require worsted weight yarn of 3 different colors of your choice, 4mm crochet hoot and Tapestry needle.


  • Crochet bag pattern


Crochet bag pattern


Why carry a plastic or paper bag when you can crochet a bag instead? Beach bag free crochet patterns are easy to make. You can use these bags for different purposes and make them in different sizes. 


You would require two different colors of cotton yarn, 5mm crochet hook and Tapestry needle to make this bag pattern. 


  • Wrapping Up


advanced crochet patterns


These were some of the advanced crochet patterns that you can get started with. However, it’s advisable not to limit yourself to these patterns. Challenge yourself to try out different patterns as that’s the only way to grow and get better at it. Let us know what’s your favorite crochet pattern in the comments section below. 


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