Connect to Inner voice – A key of happiness

Amrapali Dumbre

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"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. "

- Mother Teresa


“Be unique, Be yourself!!!”’ This quote has a real meaning but need to understand the ways to achieve this journey.  Let us understand this through a story. There were two children named Rohit and Manoj. They used to study in the same school and work hard to perform best. Rohit was a talented boy who always stood first in the class. He used to focus only on his academic performance. There were continuous thoughts rolling in Rohit’s mind about others perceptions.


Over the period, Rohit was getting pressurized with the expectations of other people around him right from his parents to his school mates. He seemed to be always nervous and anxious about his academic performance. On the other hand, Manoj was an average child but enthusiastic and active child. He used to be calm and happy about his academic scores or any achievement. His parents always support him in his failures and achievements. One sudden day, Rohit scored less marks in his school exam and became panic. The first thing that scrolls in his mind was about others perception. He started remaining aloof. His mind was scattered with thoughts and did not want to accept the fact that he could not perform better.


Inner voice


Now let us understand the learnings from this story. Happiness is not outside but hidden within us. We as an individual always think about other people and their perception. Over the time, we look upon others to give suggestions and take decisions for us. People around us play a significant role in our life. We forget to give importance to our thoughts. We start calculating our achievement and failures from others perceptive. A stage of complete burn out come in our life as our expectations from self as well as from others have drastically increased.


We find it is difficult to reach towards others level of expectations and get frustrated. In this journey of life, we find it is essential to find a real essence of life. During this crucial time, we start searching real you in us but with our earlier thoughts we do not find the way towards happiness. Everything around us seems to be sad and miserable. We stop getting connected with people around and become lonely. We also start doubting our capabilities and talents. Now it is a time to hear an alarming signal given by our inner self i.e. “What do we want to achieve? Where do we want to reach? How can we find real happiness? When we will find our way towards success?” There are many questions rolling in our mind.


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At this point of time, we start hunting for a real happiness. This is an interesting path but with our usual habits we start searching for the pleasure outside our soul. When we do not get the happiness outside, there is an inner voice that forces us to focus inside us. We could also describe it as our self-talk. While evolving this path, we keenly observe our habits, thoughts, and perceptions. In this crucial journey, we have difficulties to find the real key of happiness. This key unlocks our mind from the inappropriate thoughts which are juggling in our brain. It also helps us to clean each compartment of our mind. We love this journey of evolving ourselves.


This trudging path has a lot of obstacles but when we start climbing each step, we find ways to success. During this turning point, we understand an important and essential component i.e. we need to do things that we like and love. Here, we start cherishing and sharpening all those qualities and skills that we wish to accomplish. This small act with a positive energy gives us immense happiness and success. We also understand that success is nothing but the satisfaction that we get from all the little things. Life is filled with different emotions after each sorrow there is always a way towards happy moments. Let us understand that happiness is in every little thing and connecting to our inner voice is really important. At the end, I would just like to express my feelings with poem.



I endeavor to stride on every solitary day,


Headed to meet a unique soul on my way,


The personality who carries loads of joy,


Even in the trudging road of intricacy.


I made an effort to walk in the entire twisted lane,


But still could not found the keys of mane,


The heart that shines even in the darkest voyage,


By having a rolling smile on their visage.


Over the period time, I have learnt a message,


That the struggle I was doing over the age,


It was surrounded by the essence,


It is possessed in my inner soul of fence.


I was hunting it for every single moment,


But nowhere could I come across the comment,


Then it shaped my understanding


Happiness is gaining each day in all little things


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Amrapali Dumbre

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