Top Five Cake Decorating Tools

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It is widely believed that baking is science while cake decorating is an art that makes any cake go from simple to stunning. While regular plain cakes will never go out of style, the elaborately decorated cakes have been quite the rage for the past few years now. The best part about cake decorating is that you can create designs and patterns of your choice on your cake to give it a unique and special touch. But in order to do this, you will need to use certain tools that are essential for getting the desired results. So here is a list of the must-have Top 5 Cake Decorating tools.


  •  Cake Scraper 



This is one of the most important tools for any cake decorator who wants to give that smooth and sharp finish to the cake. It is also useful for giving a proper structure, especially if it is a tiered cake. A cake scraper makes the sides of the cakes perfectly slick and smooth. 


  •  Turntable




If you are serious about cake decorating then you must invest in a good baking turntable. This tool is nothing but a small round table atop a spinning stand. All you have to do is place the cake on the turntable and decorate it while you spin it around. It just makes cake decorating a lot faster and easier. 


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  •   Palette Knife


pallete knife


A palette knife is extremely useful for spreading the buttercream evenly in between the layers of the cake while keeping the edges in place, sharp and tidy. It can be used for any type of cake and comes in various sizes. 



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  •  Spatula 




This cake decorating tool is vital for scraping off the bowl so that the batter does not go to waste. It mostly comes in the wooden material but recently heat resistant spatulas are also widely available.



  •  Piping bag and nozzle


piping bag


Tall, tiered cakes are very popular among most people. So if you’re a baker, you must have some good piping bags and nozzles as these can be used for making a lot of beautiful designs and patterns. They are easy to use and are of great value for money.


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