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Top 10 Wedding Cake Trends

Samikshya Borse

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"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. "

- Confucius


Who says wedding cakes have to be all white and boring? Nowadays a lot of couples, bakers and even event managers are all about exploring different cake options for that special day. Right from the flavours to the designs, patterns and textures, wedding cakes are no longer what they used to be. There is a huge variety of beautiful wedding cakes that are available and these can be customized according to your likes and preferences. Here are the Top 10 Wedding Cake Trends to make your special day even more amazing :


1.  Floral Cakes 


Floral Cakes  | Bulb And Key


There is nothing more beautiful and timeless than flowers. Roses, sunflowers, peonies, orchids – all make for gorgeous cake decorations. These flowers are made out of fondant, cream, sugar, even real flowers are sometimes used! It is the perfect way to make your wedding cake stand out in the crowd. 


2. Lace Cakes


Lace Cakes | Bulb And Key


Have you ever thought of lace on cakes? We bet not! Lace designs look absolutely stunning and you can take our word for it. This trend has taken the cake world by storm! It can make any plain, regular cake look like a designer masterpiece. 


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3. Metallic Cakes 


Metallic Cakes  | Bulb And Key


The shimmering finish of metallic cakes oozes sophistication and glamour. A silver, gold or bronze finish makes the cake look elegant like no other. The metallic finish can be given by using edible paint, or by giving a lustre effect. To take your wedding cake to the next level, you can even opt for lace and flowers to top up as decorations.


4. Painted Cakes 


Painted Cakes | Bulb And Key


Painted cakes look like gorgeous wallpapers have cascaded onto cakes. Hand-painted cakes are difficult to create but are all the rage with cake decorators currently. You can go for any elaborate theme that can be painted on the wedding cake, or even something simple but stunning like a floral theme.


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5. Geometric Cakes


Geometric Cakes | Bulb And Key


If you are someone who shies away from the traditional, then geometric cakes are exactly your type. Geometric shapes like squares and triangles give a fun and contemporary feel to the wedding cake. For these designs, you can take inspiration from your home interiors, wedding invitation cards, and even from any apparel or fashion accessories. There is really no limit when it comes to geometric cakes. 


6. Ruffled Cakes


Ruffled Cakes | Bulb And Key


Ruffled cakes are quite easy to create and look really pretty and elegant. The ruffles are made out of sugar cream and the overall feel of this cake is light and airy. If you desire a simple yet visually appealing cake for your wedding, then this is definitely something that you should opt for. 


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7. Ombre Cakes 


Ombre Cakes  | Bulb And Key


Giving an ombre effect to your wedding cake is a really fun and artful way of surprising your guests and making it the talk of the town. You just have to pick your favourite colours and play around with different fun shades. Ombre cakes start from the basic white colour and gradually progress onto the light and dark shades of the selected colour. This cake looks quite simple so you can get a few embellishments added onto it, like lace and flowers. 


8. Gold Leaf Cakes


Gold Leaf Cakes | Bulb And Key


If you are planning to opt for a regal theme for your wedding, then a gold leaf cake would be the perfect choice. After all, nothing spells royal and decadent like gold. This splendid cake is a guaranteed way of leaving your guests spellbound and delighted.  


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9. Themed Cakes


Themed Cakes | Bulb And Key


Your wedding cake can also have a specific theme like art-deco inspired, floral theme, or whichever special theme that is close to you and your better half. A completely unique and original cake is sure to be loved by all and remembered for years to come.


10. Novelty Cakes


Novelty Cakes | Bulb And Key


Recently, a lot of couples have been opting for different desserts as their wedding cake. The basic idea of a novelty cake is to have desserts like a Macaron Tower, a Cupcake Stack or even a Croquembouche instead of an actual, traditional wedding cake. The best part is that these stunning creations can be decorated just like cakes and ultimately, look truly spectacular! 


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