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Top 10 Superhero Cakes With Best Designs You Can Buy

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Gone are the days when kids were easily appeased by plain, Regular round cakes. Be it whatever occasion, all the kids (and adults) want today is a Superhero Cake! Of course, this longing comes from their everlasting love of superheroes as they dream of turning into their favorite character one day, or at least flaunt some of the superpowers. And this is why it is wise for all you doting parents to go for a Superhero-themed Cake. Here are the Top 10 Superhero Cakes which will make your little ones (and the not-so-little ones) dreams come true :


1. Spiderman Cake


Spider man-theme-cake


Just imagine how cool it would be to turn the symbols of your favorite superhero character into a delicious dessert, just like this intricately designed Spiderman Cake. The spider web pattern on top of the rich red base definitely makes this cake “amazing”.


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  2. Superman Cake




One of the oldest and most beloved superheroes of all time, this strong, determined and passionate character can be easily designed into a cake. The most common is the “S” logo but this cake can be made in other fun ways too, for instance by adding related pictures and different shapes. Go, Superman!


 3. Batman Cake




The very mention of this caped superhero makes everyone awestruck and happy, so the famous Batman Cake is sure to give enough sense of excitement and thrill to anyone and guarantee a fun-filled celebration.


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 4. Iron Man Cake




For those who love superheroes and science fiction, this red and yellow colored Iron Man cake would be the perfect choice for a birthday celebration or any other occasion having a superhero theme.


 5. Hulk Cake


hulk cake


As he is one of the strongest superheroes out there, the Hulk totally deserves to be a theme for an amazing birthday cake. This huge green geek can be easily designed onto a cake in various ways and will leave the kids to spellbound.


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 6. Captain America Cake




Highly admired by most people and known for his patriotism, Captain America will form a superb design on birthday cakes. He can appear either as a decoration piece on a white frosted cake with red and blue icing or a round-shaped cake can be painted on as his shield. Simple, yet sure to catch attention.


 7. Wonder Woman Cake




This tough, empowered female character made the world turn around and be enraptured by her strength and passion. Her inspiring personality designed on a cake will make the perfect centerpiece for your special event, be it a birthday, a ladies’ event or even a bachelorette party!


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 8. Flash Cake




Known for his faster than lightning speed, Flash is indeed a fantastic superhero. This red, white and yellow cake can be baked in so many different shapes and sizes and topped with his ever-famous logo, it is sure to be the talk of your celebration.


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 9. Thor Cake




You may think that this won’t make for such an interesting cake, but trust us, the Thor Cake is already a big trend in the superhero cake world! Whether it’s the Thor figurine on a cake or his mighty hammer, you can’t go wrong with this one.


 10. Green Lantern Cake


green lantern-cake


This fantastic green colored cake is as amazing as the character himself and can be found in many different designs like that of his popular magical ring, lantern, and eye-mask. The Green Lantern Cake is one of the most preferred cakes today and will make your party merrier.


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