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Top 10 Professional Baking Institutes in India

Aparna Jaiswal

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Now-a-days people are looking for various opportunities for building a successful career for themselves. Baking is one such field where people can pursue it professionally and grow. It is essential for such people to know the institutes where they can learn the art of baking professionally.


Let us take a look at the top ten baking institutes in India:


1. ASK Institute of Bakery and Confectionery


ask institute



ASK Institute of Hotel Management and Culinary Arts is located in Bangalore, India. It was established in the year 2011. They provide various bakery and confectionery courses in Culinary Arts, Pastry Arts, Hospitality Management, Hotel Management and Tourism Management. They also offer internationally recognised dual degree courses and diploma courses. They guarantee 100% placements for their students in star category hotels throughout the world.



2. Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts


lavonee academy



Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts is a world-class baking institute located in Bangalore, India. They provide courses suitable for professionals as well as non-professionals. Their courses include 960 hours Diploma Program, Six Weeks Certificate Program, Sugar-Art Classes, Master Classes conducted by World-Class Chefs. This is definitely a wonderful place for baking enthusiasts.


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3. White Lotus School of Cake Decoration Arts


white lotus


White Lotus School of Cake Decoration Arts is the first baking school in Pune, India. They offer intensive Fourteen Weeks Diploma Course, One Day Baking Workshops, Specialized Cake Decoration and Baking Classes for the aspiring chefs, home bakers and foodies. In White Lotus School, the aspirant chefs can enjoy learning to bake cakes, sat ease.



4. Whisk and Bake Institute


whisk and bake


Whisk and Bake Institute is a professional cake baking class that is located in Pune, India. They offer Three Months Diploma Course that covers both baking and confectionery. They also provide classes for cake decorating, chocolate making and sugarcraft fundamentals like fondant cake, geode cake. These courses are useful for chefs who want to pursue a career in this field.


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5. School for European Pastry


school of european pastry




School for European Pastry is India’s first level 3 IVQ Diploma in Professional Patisserie and Confectionery Certified Pastry School from City and Guilds London located in Mumbai, India. Renowned chefs Vikas Bagul and Anil Rohira are the pillars of the institute. Under their expertise, students learn to create the world’s finest, authentic and European ingredients for creating pastries and chocolates.

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6. Culinary & Baking Arts Studio




Aspiring chefs who live in Noida and are looking for an excellent culinary and baking institute can go to Baking Arts Studio. This institute provides professional training in baking and confectionery, cake decoration, chocolate making, Indian cooking and other international cuisines.


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7. Truffle Nation- Premium Baking School


truffle antion



Truffle Nation- Premium Baking School is a perfect place for a beginner to become a professional baker just in few weeks. It is situated in New Delhi, India. They offer a complete diploma course for a baker who wants to open his own bakery/ cafe. The duration of the course is for four months, five months and six months depending upon the essentials of the course.



8. Foodybreaks Academy


fb goa


Foodybreaks Academy is situated in Goa, India. They offer various courses that include International Diploma in Pastry Arts, One Month Certificate Course and Nine Days Bridging add-on Diploma in Patisserie, Master Classes, Private Classes and Product Training Workshops. All these courses are recognised worldwide and are very valuable.


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9. JM Bakers Academy





JM Bakers Academy is situated in Coimbatore, India. They provide various professional courses in baking. They also provide baking consultancy services throughout the world. Any person who wishes to make his hobby as his profession must join JM Bakers Academy.


10. Varsha Desserts And Cakes Classes

`cake making classes



Varsha Desserts and Cakes Classes are located in Kolkata, India. They offer professional training in fondant decoration and confectionery. They also conduct sizzlers cake classes, dessert cake classes and chocolate making classes. 


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