The Rise Of Home Baking In Pune

Trishant Nimsarkar

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"Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind. "

- Bruce Lee


Having grown up in Pune, I was no alien to the signature cakes from bakeries and confectioneries the city had to offer. Needless to say, they were a big hit for generations and had the city dwellers captivated under their spell.


Being totally satisfied I never thought that it could get any better. Little did I know that I was to yet to explore a whole other style of baking where imaginations are brought to life by the home baker of Pune.


For years on, the cake artists have been bringing forth their artistry through a great deal of love for baking and innovation which has left us all asking for more. They are not merely bakers but inventors of delectable cakes. Their forte lies in baking a wide range of cakes such as  fondant cream, ganache, cupcakes, liqueur, theme based, 3D, desi fusion, and so on and so forth.



One can simply describe the type and design of the cake and be rest assured that their order would be just the way they had imagined. With keeping the details of the aesthetics in mind home bakers also ensure that the quality of the cakes is not compromised.


The process of baking cakes is carried out with the utmost care by the use of genuine quality products. As the bakers believe that it’s not just a treat to one’s eye but also to one’s wellbeing.


Their service is available at the convenience of the customers by making timely deliveries as requested and ensuring safe delivery. Since home baking has become such a rage the home bakers are always on their toes, trying to reinvent themselves and the cakes only to make one’s celebration special and worth cherishing.


Home Baker Serving Cake


These trendsetters constantly keep themselves up with the latest happenings in the baking world by conducting or attending workshops which are based on the nuances of baking such as the art of decoration, fondant modeling, a variety of baking methods and products.


This not only sharpens up their skills and helps them to play more with their creativity, but also allows them to become well equipped to take a step further to tantalize the taste buds of cake lovers with new innovations.


I would go as far as to say that, with so many palatable choices to offer the home bakers who are no less than artists have given the Puneites a lot to relish and I only look forward to their new creations.



Trishant Nimsarkar

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