The Chocolaty Flavour Of Small Home Based Bakery

Nupur Mathur

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"The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same. "

- Carlos Castaneda


The homemade chocolate flavoured love is the best gift for any occasion and for any age the gift is intended to. Past few months given the Covid-19 situation and the lockdown that put the entire world on hold has resurrected the lost appetite of working women to do some experiments in the kitchen corner. Women (psst….and some men too) since had the chance to try their hands on trying on new recipes, some just used their innate talent (which was lost due to shortage of time between work and kids and the invention of frozen food just made life a tad bit easier) of cooking, baking etc. put to good use.


Many people also lost their jobs and thus the financial security went jumping off the window. Well some small and home based businesses came into the limelight here. Now when it comes to work I personally believe in being my own boss and doing things my way given that I have the liberty to choose to do it, not many women have this choice because their income is not a luxury but a necessity, a helping hand to the breadwinner (they sometimes are the sole breadwinner themselves).


Here I would like to mention about a particular couple (somewhere in their 50s) who changed the misery into opportunity.


Misery- they both lost their jobs at the small private companies they working at.


Opportunity- The missus bakes!


What a fantastic idea for starting a home based business!


The woman bakes and the man delivers (mmhhmm…door to door) the items in the nearby residential areas (I can smell the smell of freshly baked chocolate cookies as I write this…I’m foodie and I know it!) I would like to highlight a few pointers I took out from their story-


  1. Small home businesses doesn’t have to be high paying or always related to technical industry. Art and craft is equally The only thing one needs a target audience and a plan of action.


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  1. Bakery establishments are good for the eye but the stomach…not so much. These homemade custom ordered breads, cookies, chocolates, pastries, rusks and puffs are far more reliable especially in these terrible times of


Home Based Bakery


  1. In a small budget they manage to maximize their resources because the baker (the lady in this particular story) is a homemaker with years of experience in saving up the tiniest of whatever was made available/provided. So the production, demand and supply is always in appropriate proportion and gives a steady income if not much to start


  1. The delivery is the best part A man with not many resources at hand, has a bicycle with two large bags tied on either sides, puts all the daily orders in it and sets off delivering it. The timings are fixed like a hawker’s so that they don’t have to haunt their customers via text or emails about the delivery. You’ve ordered, your will be delivered in the promised day(s) and time. Saves them the cost of having a dedicated delivery/follow up department.


  1. Marketing cost for this small business is saved because the product speaks for itself and lazy but loyal customers like me ain’t going nowhere. C’mon I have fresh bread delivered to my doorstep!


  1. If roughly calculated the two people home based small company is in good shape for them to make enough profits to compete and stay in the business amongst the renowned brand


Small businesses like a home bakery needs support from the free will writers who write just about anything and everything and give the market a sniff of what’s cooking (see what I did here :D). Many people out there are in need of a guidance or support or just a tiny bit of publicity about their existence and hardwork. And all they know is about the jobs they were taught to keep their homes in good shape but guess what! The art of embroidery, cooking, tailoring, painting, fixing the sanitary ware, washing and ironing clothes are just a few examples of what could become a multitude of small and home based businesses that would actually not only help the people/team doing it but also contributes to the society by building a stronger, safer and better workplaces especially for women (less educated perhaps but exploding with lost household talents).



The economy also gets boosted here with just a little bit of marketing. Many industries are looking to invest in small and home based businesses. Next time you see such a business around you, do give them your support in anyway possible.


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