No Bake Oreo Cheesecake Recipe

No bake oreo cheese cake

  • 15 Sep 2019

    Oreo itself holds a bigger position as a bidder in tastes in bakery products and so does cheesecakes. Imagine oreo and cheesecake to come together in a combined and the process of baking oreo cheesecake is no-bake at all!! !!


    Such an exciting yet easy process for such a complex looking cake. Just a few steps and few ingredients and this cake is ready.


    Let’s have a look at the recipe for this delicious goodness.


    Ingredients – 


    Two big packets of oreo

    Oreo Cheesecake


    2tbsp butter



    Whipping cream 


    100fgm cream cheese at room temperature


    Cream Cheese


    3tbsp confectioners sugar


    ¼ vanilla extract

    Vanilla Extract



    1. Crush the oreo biscuits in a bowl and add 2tbsp melted butter
    2. Take any container which is 5inch and put the crushed oreo mix and blend it properly.
    3. Take another bowl and add whipping cream 
    4. Beat the whipping cream until its volume doubles.
    5. Add 100 gm cream cheese at room temperature.
    6. Add ¼ vanilla extract
    7. Now blend the entire mixture and make the texture creamy
    8. Break some Oreos and add it into the blended mix
    9. Now put the mic in the container which has the crushed oreo mix 
    10. Put the mixture of cream layer by layer, neatly
    11. Break some oreo into a bigger part and decorate it on the top of the mix.
    13. Now put the pan into the freezer for sometimes.


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