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How You Can Calculate Cake Shipping Cost In Minutes

Samikshya Borse

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"Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat. "

- Napoleon Hill


Baking has held special significance in many cultures for many years. It is considered as an art and science to be perfected with constant practice. Even today, baked delicacies are served at all kinds of parties, formal events and special attention is given to their quality. 


Cake baking, especially, has been popular since many generations. The process of making a cake used to be quite complex in the olden days, but with the advent of technology, simpler baking tools and techniques were introduced. This has made baking much easier for everyone. With the passage of time, cake decorating has also gained more popularity and now, there are a variety of special tools available for different decorating methods.


Over the years, baking of cakes and pastries has undergone a lot of experiments, thanks to home bakers. While commercial bakeries also play a role in this, home bakers are the ones who have taken the baking industry to a whole new level. 




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Nowadays, you will find home bakers in every city, around every corner. More and more people are pursuing baking as a profession and want to sell their products from the comfort of their homes itself. This is a more cost-effective way as compared to opening a commercial bakery. But home baking is not all that easy. There are a lot of issues and concerns that keep cropping up every now and then. Problems regarding weather conditions, procurement of raw materials, delivery and pricing are quite common. When it comes to the delivery system, bakers have two options – to either deliver the cake directly to the customer or have the customer come and pick up their order.   


One big question that home bakers have been facing for a long time is how to calculate the delivery or shipping costs for their cakes. It is totally understandable to have some doubts about this, as it can be hard to decide what points to actually consider. 


There are some important factors to keep in mind, like the overall weight of the product, size of the box and the customer’s location. The type of vehicle to be used and the number of people required to deliver the cake also play a major part in this. But time is the most important factor, because delivering the cake to the customer on time is the ultimate goal of every baker. This can make or break customer loyalty and trust. 


For making the delivery part easier, most delivery services use a tool which helps the user to calculate the prices for shipping products based on their weight, dimensions and the distance between the pick-up and delivery locations. 




Shipping-Calculator | bulb and key


Till now, there has been no such tool available in the baking industry which can solve the problem of calculating the shipping costs for the bakers. But now, there actually is a tool which can tell them exactly how much to charge for shipping their product.


At Bulb and Key, we have a similar tool called as the shipping calculator which takes into consideration the product weight, date, time and location of the delivery. Under the location section, the total distance of the delivery track is checked. The available time slots and pricing options are also displayed for the baker to select from. The entire order details are filled in by the baker. This order information is then calculated by the tool to give the bakers the exact shipping cost which helps them to save their time and revenue.


To use the shipping calculator download our Android App




Samikshya Borse

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