How To Bake Multi-Layered Wedding Cakes


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"Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what a man does with what happens to him. "

- Aldous Huxley


You know whether you are a baker or a bridesmaids’ if you want to bake a cake for a wedding, follow the steps below to cake. 


  • Tools You Need – 


Tools You Need - 


Here are a few steps that will tell you how to bake and decorate around, 3-tier wedding cake, featuring a 10-inch bottom tier, 8-inch middle tier, and a 6-inch top tier. 


Each tier consists of two layers, which means you will need to bake two 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch cakes. It is essential to use pans that are three inches deep. The cake will be two inches, but the extra room helps in preventing overflow. 


Here is what is all required – 


  • Round Cake Pans 
  • Rotating Cake Turntable
  • Cardboard or Foam Core Cake rounds 
  • 12-inch Cake Drum
  • 14-inch Serrated Cake Knife
  • Flat Offset Spatula 
  • Cake Dowels 
  • Pastry Bag with Tips 
  • Cake Smoother/Scraper
  • Stand Mixer 
  • Plywood 


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  • Wedding Cake and Filling Recipes 


Wedding Cake and Filling Recipes


You will need 24 cups of cake batter, 4 cups in top-tier, 7-8 cups for the middle tier, and 10-12 cups for the bottom tier. Each tier consists of two layers. 


This vanilla cake recipe is formulated to make 4 cups of batter. Hence, it is just right for making top-tier. To make the middle tier, double the recipe, and for the bottom tier triple the recipe. 


You will require 12 and 18 cups of buttercream frosting. The basic buttercream frosting recipe makes 6 cups, so triple the recipe, and it will become the appropriate amount. 


In case if you are planning to split the lakers and fill them, you will need about 5 cups of chosen filling. You can also include jam or preservatives, lemon curd, chocolate mousse, vanilla custard, Bavarian cream, whipped cream, or pastry cream.


  • Bake the Cake 


Bake the Cake 


Spray the pans with oil and put a butter paper on the bottom of the pan. Apply the oil on the butter paper as well. It will ensure that the cakes don’t stick. 


Keep the cake in the oven at 350 degrees for half an hour. 


Once the oven is set, and cakes are baking, the next step is to check how much the cake has baked. Insert a toothpick in the cake to check if it has baked properly. In case the toothpick comes out clean, it means that the cake has baked properly. Whereas if there is some cake stuck to the toothpick, that means the cake required more baking. 


The best sign is to see for their edges being brown and will pull away from the side of the pans. Let them cool down for 10 minutes, then lose them with a knife and keep them for cooling. 


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  • Baking Cake in Advance 


 How To Bake Multi-Layered Wedding Cakes


Baking cakes and freezing them saves time and also helps in breaking the overall task into manageable steps. Once cooled down, wrap the cakes tightly in plastic and transfer them to the freezer for up to one week. 


It is easier to work with frozen layers as they won’t crumble. It is easy to freeze the cakes before you level them. If you are planning to split the layers to fill them, wait until you take it out from the freezer. This will help you in saving the trouble of wrapping extra layers. And more importantly, less exposure to air will help your cake to keep fresh. 


Make sure that you have enough space in your freezer. 


You can also make buttercream in advance. Store in the refrigerator to keep it for up to one week. 


  • How to Level a Cake 


How to Level a Cake 


The top layer should be completely flat so that when you stack them, they don’t lean or wobble. A long knife works best, especially when you want a 10-inch layer. 


Keep the blade level on the turntable and use a sawing motion to push the blade through the cake. It can tear the cake, and you have to do all six layers. 


While assembling the cake tiers, flip the cakes so that the bottoms are facing upward. The straight edge of the pan assures that top should be flat. 


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  • How to Split a Cake 


How to Split a Cake 


In case you are planning to split the layers, you will be required to place the cake on a cupboard round turntable. 


When you reassemble, cut sides, and split a notch in the side of the cake for extra precision. Use that notch to help you line up two halves afterward. 


  • How to Apply the Crumb Coat 


How to Apply the Crumb Coat 


The next step is to frost the cake and start with a crumb coat. The initial coat of frosting acts as a base coat; hence, make sure that the final coating is neat and crumb-free. Cool the cake for 30 minutes so that the crumb coat sets before applying the frosting coat. 


If you are filling your cake, you need to do this before applying the crumb coat. Put a spoon of frosting into the bottom of the cake to act as a glue. 


This will help to keep the filling secure. 


If you are filling your cake, put a layer of buttercream, spread it around, and place the top layer on top. Position it with the cake bottom facing upwards for that flat edge. 


Now, apply the crumb coat and keep it for cooling for about 15 to 30 minutes. Do not freeze it longer than that because if your cake gets too cold, condensation will form, and the second layer won’t adhere well. 


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  • Applying the Frosting 


Applying the Frosting 


Now that you have assembled each tier on cardboard, make sure that the cake base is wider than the diameter of the bottom tier. 


Place the tier on the turntable and transfer mold of frosting on the top of the cake. Spread the frosting over the cake with a knife, and keep rotating the cake as you go. Do the same with sides and try to work quickly so that everything stays fresh. 


  • How to Smooth the Frosting 


How to Smooth the Frosting


A palette knife is the best for smoothing the frosting, but for a sharp finish and to make icing smoother, cake scraper comes in handy. 


It is a piece of metal with a flat edge and sometimes another. While rotating the cake on a turntable, run the edge of smoother in the opposite direction of the cake. 


A rustic finish holds a tip of the palette finish against the sides of the cake while rotating to produce a swirl effect. For a so-called ‘naked’ cake, apply the crumb coat, and instead of cooling it, apply the outer coat immediately. Then, use the scraper to scrape the frosting off. 


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  • Use Cake Supports 


Use Cake Supports 


You can use cake Supports by inserting vertical dowels into the cake to bear the weight of the tiers. Wooden cake dowels, plastic ones can be used. 


  • Stack the tiers of cake and decorate them


Stack the tiers of cake and decorate them


Stack the tiers of the cane and decorate them with fresh flowers or edible decorations. 


Follow the above steps, and you will be able to make amazing cakes flawlessly. 


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