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From Whom Should You Buy Cakes: Home Bakers Or Local Bakeries

Shruti Swaminathan

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"With realization of ones own potential and self-confidence in ones ability, one can build a better world. "

- Dalai Lama


Home bakers have an upper hand over the local bakeries? Sounds unbelievable! Let’s find out.


Be it a birthday, an anniversary or any other special occasion the delicacy that we all thrive for is a mouth-watering cake.


Your run to a local bakery where plenty of cakes are available – but the most important question is what are these cakes made up of? Often these cakes may not be fresh as they are stored for weeks. They contain preservatives that enable the cakes to remain fresh for long.


The ingredients used by local bakeries are cheap substitutes that are not healthy for human consumption.




Following are some core ingredients used by the local bakeries to bake cakes:


  • Dried Egg Powder –


Dried Egg Powder | Bulb And key


Dried egg powder is used as a substitute for eggs.




  • Bleached Flour –



Bleached flour uses chemical processes to create a uniform texture of the flour.


  • Margarine –


Margarine | Bulb And Key


Margarine is made from hard oils. It is used as a substitute for oils and butter.




  • Cake Gel –



Cake gels are used to increase the volume of cakes and make them spongy. They are made of animal fats used in eggless cakes.


On the contrary, home bakers prepare fresh cakes when they receive orders. They do not add any preservatives or chemicals to increase the shelf life of the cakes. These home bakers ensure that they use natural ingredients like edible oil, butter, flour, sugar, eggs that are healthy.


All of us desire customized and personalized cakes that are unique to the taste and liking of the individuals. Such cakes are not standardized and are meant to stand out from the crowd. Local bakeries do not pay much attention to every customer’s demands. Whereas home bakers cater to every customer’s needs by attending and designing each order one at a time; whether it is related to icing, cake design, packaging or pricing.


The home bakers take into consideration the allergies and other dietary constraints of their clients. They also offer options like baking keto cakes, vegan cakes and vegetarian cakes for their clients. Specific ingredients like dry fruits or milk can be avoided as per customer requirements.




Home bakers pay minute attention to each and every ingredient used for baking cakes. While catering to customization and personalization of cakes specific ingredients may not be available. So these home bakers outsource the ingredients from other cities or even internationally.



Home bakers assure their clients of providing good quality cakes and other bakery products. They also maintain proper hygiene levels while baking in their home kitchens.


Very often clients feel that home bakers are expensive in comparison to the local bakeries. But these days people have become health conscious and are willing to pay.


It is evident that home bakers are creating their own marketplace. This does not mean that you cannot buy from local bakeries. This is just a matter of perspective. The one who is concerned about the cost of the cakes can buy from local bakeries. On the other hand, if you are looking for healthy, fresh, customized, personalized cakes then buy from the home bakers.




Shruti Swaminathan

Story By:

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