Eight Interesting Cake Facts You Must Know

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There is nothing more symbolic of a celebratory occasion than cake. While there are so many informative cake shows on T.V and online, there’s still some stuff that we don’t know. So to fill in the blanks, here are some interesting cake facts. 


Cake 1 | Bulb And Key


  • The word ‘cake’ comes from the word kake, which is a Middle English word. 


National Cake Day 2 | Bulb And Key


  • There’s a National Cake Day, which falls on November 26th. Yes, it’s actually a day when you celebrate cake with nothing else but – Cake!


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Birthday Cake 3 | Bulb And Key


  • Earlier, when the cake craze had just begun, people used to travel far to get birthday cakes. Baking ingredients, tools, and techniques were very expensive back in the day and owned only by a few high society bakeries. 


Cake 4 | Bulb And Key


  • The concept of cakes was first initiated by the Romans. Back then, cakes were really simple, unlike what we see today. It used to be basic bread, baked hard on both sides and given some consistency with butter and eggs. Honey was usually used as a sweetener.


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Tallest cake 5 | Bulb And Key


  • The world’s tallest cake was baked for Christmas in Jakarta, Indonesia. It stood 108 feet, 3 inches high and was baked by staff members and students of a culinary school. 


Chocolate Cake 6 | Bulb And Key


  • The first chocolate cakes were made in 1886 by American cooks. They added chocolate to the cake batter and this experiment turned out to be a great success. 


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Fruit Cake 7 | Bulb And Key


  • One of the most popular cakes, which is the fruit cake, was first eaten by hunters and crusaders of Roman descendant as it was able to sustain them over long periods of time away from home.


Unicorn Cake 8 | Bulb And Key


  • According to the 2018 Google survey, the top searched food item was the Unicorn Cake. 


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