Easy Tips To Save Money On Your Wedding Cake!

Save on wedding cake

  • 13 Oct 2019

    Everybody knows that the main center of attraction of a wedding ceremony is the Bride. What next? Well, the next thing that catches the eye is the Wedding Cake! Weddings in India are quite an extravagant affair. 


    A cheap wedding cake by no means has to look bad, taste bad, or be a disappointment to your guests. You can have the wedding of your dreams and save money on your wedding cake. It will still taste great, look beautiful, and be a stunning sight on your big day. So here are some easy tips to save money on your wedding cake!


    Set a Budget


    Budget of cake


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    Before you start dreaming of your fairytale wedding cake, take a minute to look at your overall wedding budget, and decide how much you want to spend on the cake.


    Once you’ve decided how much you can spend on a wedding cake, take that amount and divide it by the number of your guests you expect. This will give you the price per slice amount which is how much a slice of cake will cost you. Your goal is to not go over that amount.


    The key to a beautiful wedding cake without overspending? It all comes down to finding a cake baker who understands your budget limitations and will work to find creative solutions. Whether it looks like simpler design elements or more cost-effective ingredients, there are so many ways to make a budget cake work, and we’ve got the insider ideas to get you started.


    Keep it simple


    Simple cake


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    Sugar flowers, tall tiers and intricate piping can quickly jack up the price of your cake. That’s because most cake bakers price their work by “touch time,” which is the amount of labor and number of hours spent designing the cake. So when it comes to choosing your cake style, look for designs you love that don’t include any over-the-top add-ons. 


    Choose Buttercream




    In the world of frosting, there are two big hitters: buttercream and fondant, and there are pros and cons to each including cost. Buttercream is typically less expensive. Fondant, on the other hand, requires extra steps and materials and can be difficult to work with, making it more expensive. But do your due diligence regardless and don’t assume your cake will be less expensive with buttercream: You might want a smooth, seemingly simple finish on a buttercream cake when in reality, this primary style requires precision and time. 


    Ask about accessories


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    When interviewing a potential cake baker, make sure to inquire whether they’ll provide all the “extras” like a pretty cake stand, a cake topper, and cutting utensils. All these accessories can quickly add up and should be considered in your overall cake budget. However, even if your baker doesn’t provide them directly, they should be able to suggest where to purchase those accessories at a great price.


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