Different Types of Bread in Bakery


Different Types of Bread in Bakery

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Are you the kind of person who can eat bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Do you enjoy using different types of bread to make everything from avocado toast and garlic knots to banana bread and bread pudding? Well then this article is for you!


The perfect accompaniment to a hearty meal and sometimes meal itself, bread is a staple part of your diet which allows you to experiment with a multitude of recipes – you’ll never grow bored of it. Inexpensive and versatile, bread is a simple food item which can be adapted to make so many other dishes as well as to accommodate any food intolerances. 


Keen to expand your palette for bread? Here are ten different types of bread you can find in any bakery : 


  • Ciabatta 




Made with wheat flour, salt , yeast and water this is a textured variety of Italian bread has a crunchy crust and soft, flat base making it the best choice for all kinds of sandwiches and paninis. It’s a great choice to try and make everyone’s favourite garlic bread with. Fun fact : Ciabatta literally translates to slipper. The bread was named as such in ancient Italy due to the long, flat, rustic-looking shape of the loaf. 


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  • Whole-wheat




The healthier alternative to white bread, whole-wheat bread is made from flour that makes use of almost the entire wheat grain—with the bran and germ intact. This type of bread – which is another perfect choice to make sandwiches with – is packed with nutrients and fibre in every delicious slice. 


  •  Sourdough




This yeasted variety of bread which is made from a starter – a fermented mixture of flour and water that can be preserved for a VERY long time and make many batches of tasty bread – involves a long prep process. However, once the starter is made, a loaf of chewy, airy, soft sourdough bread is only a bake away. A brilliant addition to a warm meal or a quick afternoon grilled cheese sandwich, sourdough is something every bread lover needs to try eating and baking at least once! 


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  • Rye bread 


Rye bread 


Made with a combination of bread flour and rye flour, rye bread which boasts a strong rye flavor and a tight crumb, is best flavoured with caraway or dill seeds. The earthy touches of the flavourful variety of bread is what gives pastrami and corned beef sandwiches its special taste. 


  • Pita 




Pita is a light, fluffy type of flatbread made using wheat flour, which originates from the Middle East. This breas is cooked at high temperatures, creating a large air bubble in the centre of the bread which becomes a pocket when the bread is cut in half. Pita bread is best served by cutting into wedges and toasting to dip into some delicious hummus or guacamole.


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  •  Focaccia




Another variety of Italian bread, focaccia is baked flat with dough that resembles pizze dough. Often coated generously with olive oil prior to baking, focaccia bread has a crust that’s delicate yet crunchy. Usually flavoured with fresh herbs and garlic, this type of bread is brilliant on its own but is also perfect for dipping in soup or to be eaten with a healthy serving of meat and cheese.


  •   Multi-grain bread


Multi-grain bread


Hearty and healthy in every way you can imagine, multi-grain bread is a packed with grains like barley, flax, millet, and oats giving it an earthy and rich flavour, that belies the supreme health benefits. If you’re a fan of avocado toast, multi-grain bread is your best friend. 


  •   Brioche 




This French variety of bread with light and airy texture and subtly sweet flavour is made with eggs and butter. Boasting a mouth-watering golden hue due to the egg wash applied prior to baking, brioche is soft with a tight crumb.What better bread than this French variety to make the best French toast ever? 


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  •   Baguette 




Nothing quite says French like the baguette does.Made with flour, yeast, water, and salt this long, stick-like loaf also fittingly known as French bread has a chewy crust and light texture. By itself with some butter or as a sandwich, the baguette is a classic. 


  • Breadstick 



The much smaller, much crunchier version of a baguette, breadstick are a staple in any Italian meal. Having originated in the 17thcentury, the crumbly crunch of the breadsticks have evolved so that they are now served soft and warm, topped with cheese and garlic, or as a dessert, with icing and cinnamon.


There you have it ten mouth-watering types of bread to satisfy every whim and fancy of your bread-loving heart! 


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