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Designer Cakes For All Occasions!

Trishant Nimsarkar

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"Character develops itself in the stream of life. "

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


We all are well aware that a cake is an indispensable part of any special celebration. But this sumptuous treat can also be the remedy for a bad mood or a special surprise for a loved one. Just looking at some of the exquisite designer cakes available in the market these days can convince everyone that there is a cake lover in all of us.


The designer cake industry has been booming ever since the last decade or so as more and more people discover the joys it brings. A beautiful cake is sure to awe and engage your visitors no matter what the event is.


They are an excellent choice to add a touch of excitement and cheer to any party. These cakes are thoughtfully created in your favourite flavour and are topped with gorgeous fondant embellishments and toppers. Designer cakes offer a sure-shot delight for all senses.


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Whether you are celebrating a birthday, wedding, engagement, anniversary, farewell, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or any other important moment in your life, a designer cake is a superb choice to impress your loved ones. The affair immediately becomes more amazing if the cake is 3-D decorated or thematic. If you want to celebrate your memorable moments in a grand way, you can choose from a tempting array of well-decorated designer cakes.


These days, you’ll find cakes that range from themes of princesses to superheroes, and sports to handbags. With an abundance of choices even for the pickiest of people, theme cakes are quickly becoming the charm of every occasion. The designer cake industry has experienced substantial growth in India as well as abroad, making more affordable and custom options available.


Cakes for birthdays


No birthday celebration is complete without candles and a cake. The most exciting part of a birthday party is when the time comes to cut the cake and devour it! Planning a birthday party for your family or friends is now a lot easier thanks to the wide outreach of cake bakers in every city.


The ones who are most enthusiastic about birthdays are kids. Now you can present to the child a fun and fascinating cake that brings a smile to everyone’s face. Be it a pretty doll or a cartoon character that the kid desires to see on his/her cake, the multitude of options available will come in handy.


Cakes for birthdays 1 | Bulb And Key


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Eye-catching cakes with themes of movies, games or cartoons are at hand for the delight of the young ones. Even if you are looking to buy a cake for someone who is not quite young, the plethora of alternatives will surely give you a lot to think about.


There is the possibility of buying cakes based on the theme of anything under the sun, and with all the different hobbies of people, the sky’s the limit. You can choose an extravagant 5 tiered cake or an old-fashioned, elegant one.


Cakes for birthdays 2


Choose a flavour that is most preferred by the person of the hour or surprise them with a distinctive, enticing taste. With all the flavours to pick from, you can be sure to find just the perfect match to satisfy all the precious people in your life.


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Cakes for weddings


We firmly believe that a wedding cake is a tradition to firmly uphold. As with everything else in the wedding industry, wedding cake trends also tend to evolve quite swiftly. With so many options to choose from, you might try your hand at rustic woodland, graphic geometric, or metallic glam themed cakes.


Cakes for weddings 1 | Bulb And Key


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While traditional wedding cakes are decorated with lavish flowers and/or fruits, you can now opt to omit them or go over-the-top ornamental! While most of these cakes maintain an elegant essence, you can take the road less travelled and order a custom cake that fits your unique relationship flawlessly.


Cakes for weddings 2 | Bulb And Key


A simple internet search for Wedding Cake Images will land you in designer cake heaven with options like decorative buttercream, edible sequins, roses, and sparkles to browse.


Cakes for that special someone


Whether you are trying to woo your crush or plan a surprise anniversary party, a love-filled cake is surely going to bring a gleaming smile on their face. Make him/her fall in love with you with a heart shaped cake in their favourite flavour.


Cakes for that special someone 1 | Bulb And Key


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Get a red velvet cake that resonates passion and desire, or go for a coffee cake that references your sweet bond of romance and warmth. Be it any flavour, these love themed designer cakes add an extra dose of fun and affection to your relationship.


Cakes for that special someone 2 | Bulb And Key


If you want to create a special moment to reignite the flames or smooth over issues, this sweet treat will get your point across in the most pleasing way. You can also personalize the cakes with your own photographs for the special day.


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Trishant Nimsarkar

Story By:

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