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Celebrate This Independence Day With A Tri-colour Cake

Trishant Nimsarkar

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"Don’t seek, don’t search, don’t ask, don’t knock, don’t demand – relax. If you relax, it comes. If you relax, it is there. If you relax, you start vibrating with it."

- Osho


Looking at the Indian tricolour flag flying up in the sky gives me goosebumps of great pride and honor. We cannot imagine our lives without freedom. We are free Indians of an Independent India. Our brave freedom fighters sacrificed their lives for our independence and gave us this liberty to live our lives as free individuals.


This year on August 15, India is celebrating its 73rd Independence Day. A lot has changed in these 73 years and India has evolved for better each year and will continue to do the same. India is growing strong in every field and reaching new heights. We Indians must be proud that we have made the best utilization of our freedom and takes India everyday to a new level.


Folks, it’s our Independence day and it is no less than a festival for us. Let’s celebrate this festival with mouth-watering and delicious tricolour cakes. Here are some cakes that you must try on this Independence day.



  • Tri-colour rainbow cake


 A delightful rainbow cake with three colours of our National Flag is the best treat for 

Independence Day. Rainbow signifies hope and light and brings so much positivity. So, brighten up your day with a tricolour rainbow cake on this Independence day.




  • Indian tricolour glaze cake


Glaze or mirror cakes are one of the best options for any occasion. These cakes look unique and tempting. This Independence day order a tricolour glaze cake and make your day glazy and breezy. It is generally advised to consume these cakes within 4 hours of delivery, otherwise the taste would not be the same.




  • Army photo cake


Photo cakes are very popular these days. Get an army photo cake for this Independence day and it is the best way to show your gratitude towards them. We should not forget that we stay in our homes safely because our army stands on the borders to fight enemies. They sacrifice their sleep and comfort so that we can sleep comfortably. 




  • Ashok Chakra cake


A plain cake with an Ashok chakra on it, is another simple cake idea. Ashok chakra is a very crucial part of Indian National Flag. In a way, it completes our flag. Ashok chakra is called the ‘Wheel of Truth’. It teaches us to be truthful and lead our lives in the most dignified way.



Trishant Nimsarkar

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