Cake ordering facts for the rainy season

Cake ordering facts for the rainy season

  • 21 Sep 2019

    Imagine sipping a hot cup of tea with a delicious cake by the side, while it’s raining outside.  Everything sounds perfect about the monsoon season. The smell of the wet mud is definitely appealing but what about ordering a cake during the rains? If you are thinking of doing so, here are some important facts that you should keep in mind before going ahead :


    Cake becomes soggy

    Due to excess rain, the cake might become soggy from the bottom and may not be worth eating. Whether you put more baking powder than is required or you carry a cake in heavy rain, the entire taste may get spoiled.



    Cream/Icing gets spoilt – 

    While delivering cakes during the rains the icing and the cream gets spoiled due to moisture. Apart from that while carrying the cake, due to pebbles or even accidentally due to slippery roads the cream or the icing might get damaged.



    Tiered cake gets damaged

    Cakes with layers are shaken due to puddles and rough roads. The delivery person while riding the vehicle might break one or the other layer and cause expensive damages to the cake. 



    Late delivery

    Due to heavy traffic on the road the delivery is usually not on time. There can be a lot of delays due to the rains and the customers can get annoyed since this causes a disturbance to their celebration.



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