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Cake Competitions In India That Every Home Baker Must Participate In

Samikshya Borse

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"Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes. "

- Oscar Wilde


Baking is definitely an art and science and not everyone can perfect it. But what if we told you that there are certain cake competitions in the country that provide the perfect opportunity to all kinds of bakers – right from amateurs to experts – to learn, share their knowledge and skills and meet experts from the baking industry. 


If you are a home baker who is looking for an exciting challenge and want to up your baking game, then here are some of the biggest Cake Competitions in India that you must not miss:-


1. Cake-A-Thon 



Cake-A-Thon is the ultimate cake competition in India. It’s a forum to bring together all the bakers and cake artists from across the world on to one platform. This competition is the perfect way for aspiring home bakers to hone their skills and experience healthy competition which induces learning and positivity. From demonstrations to hands-on classes conducted by the industry’s top baking and pastry chefs, these are the other ways in which the participants get to learn the tricks of the trade. 


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2. The Bakers Collective (TBC) 



One of the most anticipated baking events of the year, The Bakers Collective provides all the know-how for a home baker to start and succeed in their business. Apart from cake competitions, TBC also conducts baking workshops, demos, panel discussions and seminars which are delivered by experts from all over India and abroad. It is a great platform for skill-sharing and networking. 


3. The Great India Bake Show  



This cake competition isn’t called great for no reason. The variety of categories that one can participate in will definitely excite you. From structured and wedding cakes to cookies and floral arrangements, there is something for every baker – no matter their level of baking skills and knowledge. 


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4. Cakeology 



 This is one of the biggest cake fests in the country. It consists of open stage presentations and traditional cake competitions for people across all skill levels. It has more than 40 hands-on classes and demonstrations taught by the world’s best cake decorators, and an exhibit hall that is full of products and services that are available for cash and carry. It is the best opportunity for home bakers to gain maximum knowledge and benefit. 


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Samikshya Borse

Story By:

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