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Baking Trends for 2020

Samikshya Borse

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"The noblest worship is to make yourself as good and as just as you can. "

- Isocrates


The past year has been wonderful for the baking industry. Due to consumer preferences and bakers’ relentless desire to experiment, this industry is continuously evolving. Recently, there have been some new trends in the baking industry along with the usual baking techniques. 


This year too, experts in the industry have predicted certain trends that could inspire and impact the baking industry.


Here are the top baking trends for 2020:-


  • Different Types Of Flour


Different Flour


Nowadays there is no shortage of flour options for home bakers to try, and this year it seems like there are more on the way. 


A taste for unique flavors is bringing flours made from ancient grains to the bakery. Some of the rising stars in the mix are flours made from fruits and vegetables like coconut, banana, and cauliflower to a variety of nut and seed blends. Other popular types are bran and soy-based flour. These super flours not only add more protein and fiber to baked goods, but they also taste as good as normal flour.


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  • Sweet Prospects


Sweet Prospects


 It’s not just in the flour department where baking opportunities are growing. Soon, bakers are going to be in for a sweet surprise as they will be able to go beyond the usual sweeteners of sugar, honey, stevia, maple syrup and explore other natural sugar sources for their goodies like coconut, monk fruit, pomegranate, and dates. 


Starch-based syrups from sweet potato or sorghum are also good alternatives to the richness of honey and molasses.


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  • Fresh Home-Made Cakes Over Packaged Cakes


Fresh homemade cake


More and more people are moving towards freshly baked cakes made by talented home-bakers. Not only do these bakers make everything from scratch, but they also provide a variety of cakes and flavors which gives more options to customers.  


This trend will actually amplify in 2020 because of consumers, unpackaged food products appear more authentic than packaged food.


  • Vegan And Gluten-Free Bakery Products


Vegan gluten free


A health wave has been sweeping the world and Indians are following suit. Opting for vegan and gluten-free products like aquafaba is the norm nowadays. Demand for these items is growing not just among those who are allergic to gluten or are already vegan, but also among the regular consumers. 


The benefit of vegan and gluten-free products is that they are made using wholesome ingredients and are free of preservatives. For this reason, a lot of bakers are embracing this concept and using organic, healthy ingredients. 


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To be an excellent baker requires passion and experimentation. Bakers need to keep pushing the boundaries and experiment with new, different ingredients to keep up with the changing consumer tastes. Doing so successfully will ensure a loyal following of customers in 2020 and beyond.




Samikshya Borse

Story By:

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