Baker’s Percent Methods: You must need to Know

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In our last scoops we have been focusing a lot on ratios. Today I wish to introduce something that’s called a Bakers Percentage.


  • What is Baker’s Percent?


Baker’s Percent Methods1


Baker’s percent is a mathematical method used in baking to calculate the amounts of macro or micro ingredients. It is dependent on the total weight of flour a recipe contains. In this formula we divide each ingredient’s weight by the total formula weight; bakers divide each ingredient by the weight of flour. Baker’s percent helps in assessing if a formula is drier, moist, saltier, sweeter, etc.


Baker’s percent is internationally used to express formulas for bakery products such as pan bread, buns, rolls, cookies, cakes, crackers, doughnuts, etc.


  • How does baker’s percent work?


Baker’s Percent Methods


In baker’s percent, the weight of the flour is always considered as 100%,


The total percent of all the other ingredients is always greater than 100%.


When it comes to general calculations, the sum of all ingredients is up to 100%. But this formulation is little different.


The mathematical equation for obtaining baker’s percent is:





Let’s have a look at the example here. Here the Weight is any weight taken by a baker. The Bakers % column denotes the ratio of all ingredients to the ratio of the flour. And the true column represents the percentage contribution of every ingredient in the recipe summing up to 100%




The benefit of using baker’s percent is that the bakers can change the quantity of any ingredient without refiguring the percentages of all other ingredients. This comes handy when we are trying to formulate new recipes. With the help of Bakers percentage you can make any quantity of product


So, for now I would request the readers to understand the percentage working properly and in our next scoop we will speak about the applications of the same


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