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8 Types Of Cake Flavours You Can Try For Diwali

Samikshya Borse

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It’s almost time for Diwali which means it’s also time to gorge on all those sweets and festival delicacies. From those warm gulab jamuns and laddoos to the crunchy karanjis, chaklis and sev, everything is relished with an unparalleled enthusiasm during this time. But to add to the festive fervour this Diwali, all you need to do is order a delicious cake. Not just any cake, but a gorgeous festive cake having the traditional flavours of Indian mithais and desserts. 


Sounds interesting? If yes, here are some special cakes that you must order to make your festivities truly memorable – 


1. Toasted Coconut Cake


coconut cake


Since so many of our Indian sweets are made out of coconuts, what is better than having a rich yet light cake full of toasted coconut shavings? This cake has a natural vanilla icing, having layers consisting of fresh coconut flavours.  


2. Ladoo Cake 


Ladoo Cake


The only thing better than a ladoo is a laddoo cake! This delectable dessert is for all those who have an extra sweet-tooth and just can’t get enough of this beloved sweet. Imagine a nice, fluffy cake topped off with colourful boondis. This cake will definitely be the talk of the town!


3. Honey Pistachio Cake


honey pistachio cake


Smooth and creamy, golden and green, the honey pistachio cake is the epitome of decadent. We’re talking about a pistachio cake with a soft and sweet honey buttercream frosting, sprinkled with real pistachios. Delicious! 


4. Jalebi and Rose Cake


jalebi cake


If you crave warm, hot jalebis frequently, then a luscious rose flavoured cake topped with a saffron and cardamom icing and loads of fresh jalebis is the cake of your dreams. What can be more heavenly?


5. Gajar Halwa Cake 


gajar halwa cake


A gajar (carrot) cake made with a perfectly selected mixture of dry fruits and nuts and topped with a spiced cardamom icing is all you need to brighten up your celebrations this Diwali. 


6. Rasmalai Cake 



Smooth and creamy, the rasmalai cake is another lovely option for the Festival of Lights. It is a cardamom flavoured cake with delicious rabri icing. There cannot be a better description of a festive cake, so go get yourself one now! 


7. Gulab Jamun Cake 


gulab jamun cake


Yes, you heard right. There’s actually a gulab jamun cake made up of a vanilla base and cardamom icing, decorated with those delectable gulab jamuns. Trust us, you cannot go wrong with this one!


8. Pineapple Anise Cake 


pineapple anise cake


This is a tropical pineapple cake delicately frosted on top with a unique anise icing. So if you are in the mood for something conventional yet different, then this is the perfect cake for you. 


Samikshya Borse

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