8 Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas For Kids

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Birthdays are such a great opportunity for people to explore with different types of cakes. Nowadays, more and more consumers are opting for unique birthday cakes, be it unique cake flavours or designs. Kids too are heavily influenced by television, cartoons and pop culture, so of course they want their favourite superhero or cartoon character as their birthday cakes


To fulfil their children’s wishes, parents often make sure to leave no stone unturned. The most important part of arranging a kid’s birthday party is having the perfect birthday cake. And these days the options are endless. So if you are looking for some amazing birthday cake ideas for kids this year, then here are some delicious, creative cakes that are sure to make your kid happy and make the birthday party a hit!



  • Icecream Cake


ice cream cake


Kids love cake. They also love ice cream. So what can be better than combining these two elements to give the kids a perfect birthday ice cream cake as a surprise? Cool, delicious, and fun, the ice cream cake is available in many flavours and themes. Just select your kid’s favourite and watch them devour it in no time. 


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  • Fruit Cake With A Twist


fruit cake


Making a birthday cake for kids which is made of fruits is a really healthy and interesting twist on the traditional sponge cake. This one is an all-out fruit cake, which has a peeled watermelon as the main cake and other smaller fruits like strawberries, cherries, pineapples and kiwi slices which are used as cake toppings. A nice, healthy yet delicious treat for the kids. 


  • Unicorn Cake


unicorn cake


The colourful, dreamy unicorn cake is absolutely adored by little girls and has been quite popular as a birthday cake for kids since the past few years. You can even switch things up a little and opt for a rainbow cake which is dressed as a unicorn from the outside. Just imagine the delight on your child’s face when she cuts it! A magical surprise indeed. 


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  • Funfetti Cake

]funfetti cake


A funfetti cake is a delightful cake filled and sprinkled with colourful confetti all over. It is basically a vanilla sponge cake full of the confetti or sprinkles which is cut into discs and then stacked alternately with whipped cream or frosting. The funfetti cake stands true to its name and is sure to make your kid’s birthday fun and memorable. 


  • Biscuit Cake


biscuit cake


What can be more exciting for kids than having their favourite biscuits in their birthday cakes? The biscuit cake is easily available in bakeries or you can even make one at home by crushing and mixing different types of biscuits into the cake batter. You can decorate the finished cake with chocolate ganache and more biscuits. The result is a gorgeous, smooth biscuit cake which is super-crunchy from the inside. 


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  • Cake Pops


cake pops


Cake pops are absolutely fun and easy to make even at home. These are small cake crumbs which are mixed with icing or chocolate and rolled into lollipop-like balls. The cake pops are then usually decorated with sprinkles, chocolate chips, or tiny elements like flowers made out of fondant which are stuck onto the cake pops and then these pops are put on sticks to resemble lollipops. They are a hit with kids and adults alike!


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  • Superhero Cake


superhero cakes


These are easily one of the most popular cakes of all time. Be it a Superman Cake or a Wonder Woman Cake, a superhero cake is a wonderful option for a birthday cake for kids, and is sure to make your child and the guests at the party all excited. You can check out our Top 10 Superhero Cakes for some inspiration and pick your kid’s favourite superhero cake next time!


  • Theme Cake


theme cake


Theme cakes will never go out of style, because birthday theme cakes are often based on movies, cartoons, and nature and these things keep evolving every year. So for a kids cake, you can safely opt for a theme cake of their choice, be it their favourite cartoon character, animal or a cake depicting their favourite hobby. It will definitely be the highlight of the party!


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