[Tuesday Scoop] Fondant Problems In The Rainy Season

Trishant Nimsarkar

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Are you facing difficulty in managing your fondant orders this season? Check out few simple tricks by Namrataa that can reduce your hardships.


Rainy ..Moist…Damp weather?

Misbehaving Fondant?

Have to stop taking fondant orders completely ?


That’s not the solution…

So most of us are experiencing a sweating, melting fondant these days.  What do you do when you have to work with fondant in rainy, moist and damp conditions. If you’ve spent some time with fondant, you know it gets hard to handle, sticky, and way too soft in balmy climates. And there’s something completely cruel about this weather, it brings about a halt to our business when it comes to fondant decoration or figures. Many of us try to manage the work by using  Tylose or CMC, but does it really help?


Extra tylose or CMC may sometime just make the fondant too dry and crack easily. So here we are sharing some tips for working with fondant in rainy season.

1)    Crank up your AC

Crank up your air conditioners – your fondant will thank you. Its not always possible to get a dehumidifier to control the in-house climate. So the best way is to work in AC. For the best upshot treat your fondant like royalty.


2)    Cool your hand

Try keeping your hand cool while working with fondant. The temperature of your hand and body can definitely affect the fondant. Try running your hands briefly under cold tap water and then drying thoroughly before working with fondant.


3)    Starch it up

While rolling fondant make use of cornstarch instead of confectioners’ sugar. Make sure the surface on which you are rolling the fondant is also cool. If your fondant is on the sticky side, it will absorb the confectioners’ sugar faster than you might like. Cornstarch won’t absorb in the same way, and will keep the fondant from sticking too much.


4)    Mold and Stock

Fondant figures and accents can be made in advance and stored. They can stay good for months if kept in good condition. You can store the fondant accents and figures in air tight container and store it in a dry place. Make sure before you place them in the container you lay a parchment paper and dust it with corn flour. Don’t forget to do a periodical check of the articles and re-dust if necessary.


5)    Booze it up

Well alcohol or any type of clear spirit works the best when it comes to cake decoration especially in damp weather. Alcohol evaporates fast without adding moisture to the fondant while sticking accents and cutouts. Vodak being my personal favorite is the best to use since its colourless and odorless leaving no stain.


6)    Cake Temperature Matters

Make sure your cakes are at room temperature before you cover it with fondant, do not cover a frozen or cold cake; it would make your fondant to sweat even more after covering the cake and make it stickier. Hence working in AC is the best option to avoid any kind of sweating.


7)    Pregnant Fondant

Have you ever noticed the blob that forms while rolling the fondant? Now that’s called a Pregnant Fondant. It’s basically the air trapped while kneading or rolling. Ensure to poke it with a toothpick and smoothen  it out before continuing. If you don’t, the air will expand and you will have a pregnant fondant which could spoil your work.


8)      Roll out thick

Make sure that your fondant is thicker in this season, don’t try to stretch out while covering your cakes.


But the humid weather still has it’s advantages.


The elephant skin palaver is gone! No more Stressing about dryness and elephant skin on your cakes. 


Fondant stoning doesn’t happen. You don’t have to work at lightning speed to cover your cakes, make figures and flowers.


So lets breakup with stress this season, sip a cup of coffee and start baking. Cheers!!!


Trishant Nimsarkar

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