6 Types of Paste That Every Decorator Should Know

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Many people face confusion understanding the type of pastes and its usage in cake decoration.


Should you use florist pastes, gum pastes, fondant, sugar pastes, modelling pastes, modelling chocolate, pastillage or something else?


So, let’s start understating  the first 3 types in today’s Tuesday scoop.


  • Florist Paste


Florist Paste


Florist paste is a preferred means for making flowers which need to dry fast, roll thin, flexible and need to hold shape. It can also be used for small decorative details on cakes that are more fiddly. Florist paste is fully edible, but brittle to touch. These days many companies have come up with florist paste which is humidity resistant, breakage free etc. Since it has drying properties its not recommended for covering cakes. Florist paste is little expensive than some other pastes such as fondant but you don’t need to use much of it so a large pack will last a long time.


As florist paste dries so hard, you should ideally leave it to dry for at least 12-24 hours.Vegetable shortening always helps to soften the paste. Florist paste must be stored in cool dry place and away form moisture or direct air. Preferable to be stored in airtight containers.


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  • Fondant/ Sugar Paste


Fondant/ Sugar Paste


Fondant is also known as sugar paste. Its soft ,ready to roll icing, covering paste and has several uses.It can be used to cover a cake and also make small topper or flowers ( By adding Tylose or CMC) it is very much similar to paly – do.


Fondant cant be rolled as thin as florist paste. It lack the delicate look. Moisture is the biggest enemy of fondant and hence needs to be stored in cool dry place in air tight containers.  Finished sugar fondant cakes should be store in a cake box made of card.  Novelty characters should be stored in the same place. Novelty characters made from fondant can be made several weeks in advance.


  • Modelling paste


Modelling paste


This is a paste designed especially for modelling work.  It is ideal for fine modelling especially plaques, frills, drapes, cards and using with Patchwork Cutters.  Its  a little less stretchy than florist paste hence preferable for patchwork cutters. It sets firm, but remains soft enough to eat. Also ideal to use with moulds and tastes good. Modelling paste can be rolled paper thin for dressing model characters and colours easily with paste colouring just like florist paste and fondant.


These 3 pastes form the base in cake decoration art. In our next Tuesday scoop we shall have a look at the other pastes newly introduced.


Until then Das Vidaniya!


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