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Revisiting Our Super Talented Entrepreneurs – Round Up Of 2019

Samikshya Borse

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"Be the chief but never the lord. "

- Lao Tzu


“Everyone can tell you the risk, but an entrepreneur can see the reward.” – Robert Kiyosaki


The year 2019 has been truly special for us at Bulb and Key. Every day, not only are we proud of giving a platform to our super talented entrepreneurs, but we’re grateful and proud to have been given the opportunity to interview them. 


Right from home-based and celebrated bakers to embroidery artists, jewellery to handicraft artists, we’ve had amazing stories and advice shared with us. 


So to round up this spectacular year, we’ve compiled a list of entrepreneurial stories that have motivated us and surely will inspire you too!


Vahishta Zandbaf


Vahishta Zandbaf


Currently, there are innumerable bakers out there creating delicious, visually appealing cakes but what makes Mumbai based Vahishta Zandbaf’s cakes stand apart is the way she amalgamates her love for baking with painting.


This brilliant yet humble, young pastry chef and cake designer has been formally trained in Patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu, London and has also completed an extensive course in sugar floristry at the highly famed Peggy Porschen Academy, London. After returning, she started her own cake company called Tier Nom Patisserie, which is located in Mumbai and is highly sought after not only by regular cake lovers but also by Bollywood celebrities.


Here’s our interview with this talented baker:- https://bulbandkey.com/blog/bakers-interview/vahishta-zandbaf-interview/

Instagram :- tiernom.patisserie


Reema Siraj


Reema siraj


Ever thought of fashion taking the form of desserts? Well, Reema surely has! With her love for fashion, lace and sequins, she makes sure to add sartorial elements to all her gorgeous cakes, which have catapulted her to greater heights.


Reema is the founder of Cake Convention which is an annual networking event for bakers in Sri Lanka where she brings together all the local cake artists. The event consists of exhibitions, demonstrations and product sellers.


“I try to bring fashion into cakes,” she says. We were honoured to have a conversation with Reema about her fascinating work and have shared her invaluable thoughts.


Check out the full interview:- https://bulbandkey.com/blog/bakers-interview/decorated-cake-artist-reema-sirajs-interview/

Instagram :- reemasirajstudio


Gaurav Wadhwa 


Gaurav Wadhwa


An entrepreneur, restaurateur and master chocolatier, Gaurav Wadhwa is the founder of Theos, which is a multi-award winning artisanal French patisserie located in Delhi. Theos is famed for its gorgeous, rich desserts and an extensive range of delicious baked products that are all made from scratch. Under Gaurav’s expert direction, this niche patisserie is flourishing and how. 


Sharing his thoughts and baking journey with us, Gaurav helped us understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur, to make a business succeed in the long term and the challenges and rewards that come with running an authentic patisserie.


Interview link:- https://bulbandkey.com/blog/bakers-interview/top-cake-artists-gaurav-wadhwa-interview/

Instagram:- gaurav.wadhwa.7965


Siddhi Shah


Siddhi Shah


There are many ways to express oneself; through art, your sense of style, your lifestyle, your thoughts, and more. Siddhi Shah found a way to express herself and make a living out of it through her business ‘Dark Reflections’, a home-based business that mainly focuses on producing handmade dreamcatchers, jewellery, home decor and more.


“I’m not particularly a religious person but I am very spiritual, and the concept of dreamcatchers attracted me as they have a lot to do with energy, your special dream journey, and growth” says Siddhi. 


Read about her amazing journey here:- https://bulbandkey.com/blog/story/how-entrepreneur-siddhi-shah-made-her-dreams-come-true-by-making-dreamcatchers/

Instagram:- siddhishahofficial


Jinal Choksi 


Jinal Choksi


Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value. It is a process; it’s not random. These thoughts strongly resonate with jeweller Jinal Choksi, who is the founder of My Meera Store, a jewellery brand specializing in customized stone jewellery. What makes this brand intriguing is that all their stunning pieces are made of uncut stones retained in their natural shape. 


Coming from a jewellery background, Jinal has a master’s in entrepreneurship and has been making jewellery since childhood. She eventually decided to take her love for jewellery and convert it into a business three years ago. Her product range consists of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, men’s accessories and home decor.


Check out the full story:- https://bulbandkey.com/blog/jewellery/jewellery-artist-jinal-choksis-interview/

Instagram:- choksijinal24 mymeerastore


Trupti Jog


Trupti Jog


Trupti has always been a creative mind. She has learnt commercial art and had done various software courses on animation, multimedia, and web designing. She was also into fabric painting in which she used to paint her designs on different fabrics. She had worked as a graphic designer, web designer and a UI designer in different IT companies.


Later she went to New Zealand with her husband for some time. And when Trupti came back to India, she thought of having something of her own. So, she started Pristine Embroidery which is an art studio with all types of embroidery work.


Interview Link:- https://bulbandkey.com/blog/embroidery/embroidery-creator-trupti-jogs-interview/


Tasneem Contractor


Tasneem Contractor


Always be brave to stand for what you believe in even if you stand alone. These thoughts deeply resonate with the super-talented home baker Tasneem Contractor, who is the founder of B & R Bakers which offers a variety of baked goodies apart from cakes. She specializes in making structured cakes and her quirky yet delicious creations have to be seen to be truly believed.  


Read her inspiring story here:-  https://bulbandkey.com/blog/bakers-interview/home-baker-tasneem-contractor-interview/

Instagram :- br_bakers


Komal Soneji 


Komal Soneji


Code Knot is one of a kind brand, based in Pune that specializes in making customized bow ties. Started by Fashion graduate Komal Soneji as a part-time project at first, was a way for her to experiment with her creativity. Soon after her love to create took over, which flourished into a full-blown business.


Komal had completed her graduation in Fashion Design from the School of Fashion Technology, Pune and was an intern at Nivedita Saboo Couture, Pune.


Check out the full story:- https://bulbandkey.com/blog/story/the-innovator-of-bowties-komal-soneji/

Instagram:- komal_soneji


Manasi Deshpande 


Mansi Deshpande


There’s a tremendous value of originality in the realm, though it takes time to figure out your own uniqueness, conclusively being original will give you an unbelievable insight of satisfaction. These are some blunt, true and life-changing principles lived by our specialist baker Manasi Deshpande who believes accomplishment, appreciation, and attention is the aftermath of being original in your baking style.


Manasi’s brainchild, Tricks ‘n’ Treats offers artistic delicacies like customized concept cakes, mousse cakes, healthy treats and chocolates, among others. Her creations are truly stunning and they have to be seen to be believed!

To know more, check out the full story here:- https://bulbandkey.com/blog/bakers-interview/home-baker-manasi-deshpande-interview/

Instagram :- tntdelicaciesmanasi.desh


Suman Suresh 


Suman Suresh


‘Just In Case’ is a home-based business that deals with handcrafted products, started by Suman Suresh when she was just 16 years old. She has always been inclined towards art and craft since she was a kid. 


Since its inception, Suman who has wholeheartedly invested herself in Just in Case alone says; “I’ve previously never worked for anyone, I’m not really well-versed with how a conventional start-up functions. I’m just winging it really, taking each day as it comes.” Her main long-term goal is to develop a full-fledged website, expand her platform and mainly create jobs for people.


Read her amazing story here :- https://bulbandkey.com/blog/story/story-of-a-handicraft-artist-suman-suresh/

Instagram:- sumanxsuresh   justincaseindia 


Samikshya Borse

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