Passion Blends In With Profit


When Passion Blends In With Profit

Nilanjana Kar

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Passion is the primary fuel that ignites a major percentage of home businesses, this is a very well-known fact. Starting your own business from the very scratch will surely need some amount of innate fondness or rehearsed liking towards a particular action. A zest which should make a person swear by it so that with ceaseless practice and inculcation they become capable of attracting the attention of others, this, in turn, gives confidence and self-belief about the appreciation of their work when displayed in front of the world, without this primary trust business can never be set up. For a start-up business if not passion and zeal to showcase your talent nothing can ever give that encouragement and energy to set it up.


Passion to profit


As long as you are performing it in an amateur manner the end product needs to satisfy your taste of the eye but once it becomes a new business your work needs to satisfy not only you but all your target audience. This phenomenon is definitely very tiresome as well as very laborious and not possible in a go and you may have the break the blocks over and over again and built it anew each and every time; this is something that requires one to be passionate and eager about their business such that each time he or she has a new lease of energy and excitement to remodel their arts for betterment.


Passion for one’s artistry fans the fire of coming out into the light that is present in the depth of the heart. It also gives the person a certain strength to accept failures and rejections and move forward each time considering the last as just another addition to their collection of products. This untiring spirit can only be present when ‘Home Business Starts with Passion’. Some of the most common kind of home start-ups can be listed as


  • Food Blogging
  • Art Exhibition
  • Homemade Baking
  • Cafeteria
  • Books Lending
  • Handmade Cards
  • Jewelry Crafting
  • Content Creation
  • Photography
  • Home Décor Moulding


With e-commerce spreading around vastly starting businesses anywhere has become far more hassle-free. There are always e-commerce websites to promote your business and several online payment gateways to have a successful and secured online purchase. Ample online business opportunities have opened the doors for many individuals who have taken on this as a side job or is a homemaker. For you get to sit at home and conduct the entire set-up perfectly with the help of the online system.


Passion to profirt


These are a few examples of personalities who have given wings to their passion and talent to adorn the lives of people out there with their amazing and unusual plans and styles, through their stories of progression and daily development they have proved time and again that passion and gusto are the two crucial bricks for laying the foundation of a flourishing start-up:


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  • Nilakshi Kar (Handmade Cards)


 NILAKSHI KAR (Handmade Cards)


An NGO worker by profession she is one who has made birthdays, anniversaries, and valentines more special and beautiful with her enticingly designed cards. Nilakshi Kar had deft fingers and stout crafting abilities from a quite younger age. Also even in her earlier days her sense of contrast color and her ideas of decoration was very appealing. And thus with time, she nurtured her hobby until now where she confidently works her talent to be it in weaving, curling, and satisfy her clients, etc.


“While shaping the cards I feel I tend to shape my life each time” she would very often say. Be it be handmade valentine cards or handmade gift cards she excels in all though her most popular product is the handmade cards for husbands. With social media doing around and online payment options very much in use selling handmade cards has become easier. She now is engaged in a successful home business that homes her passion too.


  • Ahana Mukhopadhyay & Sreeja Mitra (Food Blogging)


 Ahana Mukhopadhyay & Sreeja Mitra (Food Blogging)


The duo may be apart by profession but unites with their fondness over tasting different delicacies. They would often spend their leisure cooking range of dishes and as time passed by they emerged out to be having critical taste buds. Ahana Mukhopadhyay and Sreeja Mitra have turned into professionals in this field and are thus owners of ‘Esculent Bliss’, their blog. They work to give out their piece of mind to their viewers about the various intricacies of a particular dining


They are very frequently invited over to quite some restaurants to review the particular place i.e. not only the food items but also the ambiance, service, etc. And sometimes they take up endeavors on their own after all both are undoubted food lovers and they plan up sudden and often outings. Both put forth their suggestions to help people choose the best among the many. From roadside food stalls to five-star restaurants they leave out none on their ways.


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  • Amrita Paul (Paintings)


 Amrita Paul (Paintings)


Determined brush strokes and a splash of vibrant colors over art papers were one of the ways her art pieces were identified. Even in her art classes, she would always avoid using the conventional colors and rather pour in colors to find that one unique shade. The painting was not only her hobby or talent it was what she said is “an authentic way I chose to express my innate sentiments, a method which described me in a subtly yet rightly manner to the world out there.”


Amrita Paul earned a lot of praise for her paintings from the very beginning which is when she gave a thought of displaying her paintings in various art showcasing platforms. As things turned out well for her she decided to have her abstract art on sale on various online websites. And with each passing day, she is achieving more goals. All through these years, painting has operated to serve both her passion as well as her financial gain.


  • Ritika Nag (Sketches)


 Ritika Nag (Sketches)


Starting from abstract canvas art to making assured use of grey paint colors she has left no corners of this field untouched. Hers is an acquired hobby, a passion she nourished from her childhood, which with time she realized to be her actual happiness. And within a short passage of time, she became a master of her art. Capturing every beautiful and worthy moment in her life with the edgy and mature sketches.


Ritika Nag has time and again proved the strong foundation of her talent. And ultimately she was encouraged to unveil her amazing depiction of reality, nature, and many more in exhibitions and other various renowned surfaces. Today she enjoys much success in her passion, apart from sketches for exhibitions she is also called in for requested portrait or any scenery, Radha Krishna painting, Ganesh in shades, etc. She has clubbed both sides of the coin for contentment.


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  • Disha dasMohapatra (jewelry crafting)


 Disha dasMohapatra (jewelry crafting)


A student by profession she has an intent and sharp construction of sight for jewelry designs which diverse from earring designs to designs of costume jewelry or fashion jewelry. Though she is much favored for her oxidized earrings and nose pin designs Disha Dasmohapatra (owner of ‘Goynar Baksho’) as a crafter is also quite a competition in silver hoop earrings and gold earrings for women, bracelet for girls, necklaces, finger rings, etc.


Primarily she would reuse her old pieces of jewelry and make new ones for herself or rather bring few raw materials for her crafting and gift it to her near ones during occasions. She would gain a number of claps for her unique ideas as well as styling and as she grew she thought of taking this up in more serious and professional ways. And thus initially starting from friends and relatives she was recommended every time by each and now enjoys widespread clients.


  • Ananya Samanta (homemade baking)


 Ananya Samanta (homemade baking)


A sweet tooth from her earlier days Ananya Samanta took up baking chocolates, cakes, and cookies to satisfy her sudden and random cravings. And encouraged by her parents with years and years of practice she became an expert in this field. Firstly she would sell handmade chocolate boxes, handmade dark chocolate bars, or maybe cakes or cookies. But realizing the ongoing competition she put in much creativity to her baking. Thus she fused many other aspects with her handmade chocolates to keep with the trend.


Baking for her is “living in a state of peace and serenity, it is like watching a precious thing in the making. The aromas, textures, flavors, colors, etc. everything is significant in its way, deficiency in any one of these aspects will harm the accuracy of the process and hence the end product. And once made you give your all your heart to make it look even prettier than the last”. Turning it into a successful home business she kept her passion alive with her ‘Dyuti’s’.


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