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Want to start a home business? Here are 10 easy ideas you can follow today!

Swati Thounaojam

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"No man was ever wise by chance. "

- Seneca


Operating a home business is one of the hottest new trends of the year. The idea of operating a successful business from the comfort of one’s home, although seductive, can seem quite daunting as well. However, with the right business idea and a solid plan of execution, a home business can prove quite lucrative and rewarding.


So, the first step towards starting a successful home business is to figure out the type of business you are going to conduct. There’s a plethora of ideas and possibilities available and you have to figure out what you want to select as your niche. Starting a successful home business isn’t a feat that only “geniuses” can do. If you have a marketable skill-set, you can start your own home business and profit from it.


Here are 10 of the easiest business ideas to help start your home business. These home business ideas require very little to no investment and are quite profitable. So select the one that best fits you and get started.


  • Home bakery


Home bakery -


Do you get compliments for your cakes or cookies? Do people tell you that they can’t get enough of your chocolate brownies? If yes, then being a home baker could be your next calling. You can earn money by selling your cakes, cookies and other baked goods to eager customers. These days there is a higher demand for boutique sellers over commercial mass producers. All you need for this would be a love  of baking along with food license or registration (as applicable) with FSSAI1 to ensure that you are compliant with the laws and can utilize the available channels like Zomato and Swiggy to sell your baked goods. You can use readily available media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promote  and market your business without breaking the bank.


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  • Catering business –


Catering business -


If you like cooking and enjoy serving your food to others, a catering business would be suitable for you. You can provide food for parties, gatherings and other occasions. It is advisable to streamline the specific cuisines that you specialize in instead of dabbling in the “I can cook anything” as it’ll give the costumers a better idea of what your expertise lies in. For catering business as well FSSAI registration/license is mandatory2. So, ensure that you are legally compliant before embarking on this business.


  • Snacks or pickle selling –


Snacks or pickle selling -


Homemade pickles and snacks are a rage among us Indians. Very few things tug at our heartstrings like the familiar smell of tangy, spicy pickles and crispy homemade snacks. If you are known for the legendary pickles you make or if your snacks are always in demand for their lightness and crispiness, perhaps earning money from it isn’t such a bad idea. You can make the snacks and pickles for commercial purposes in your home and promote it through social media and word of mouth. Ensure to get an FSSAI3 registration/license and then you’ll be good to go!


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  • Agarbatti (incense sticks) or candle selling –


candle selling


If you have a penchant for unique fragrances and can turn them into incense sticks or if you can make aesthetically pleasing artisan candles from blobs of wax, then you can join the club of people who make a good living from selling incense sticks and candles. Both incense sticks and candles are popular and in demand as they are quite useful for prayer services, ceremonies, general purification of surroundings or even just as collector’s items. You can learn to perfect the craft from online tutorials and lessons as there’s much information available.


  • Online tutorial services –


Online tutorial services

Do you have a knack for teaching others? Are you an expert in educational subjects or yoga or any other skills that others would pay to learn? If yes, then you can become an online teacher who imparts valuable skills to eager students. The growing potential of online learning was only escalated by COVID-19 as it became the only permissible mode of gaining knowledge during mandatory social distancing. So, it would only be right to capitalize on this and start teaching others a valuable subject or skill-set. All you need for this is in-depth knowledge of what you are teaching and to register yourself as a teacher on suitable online platforms such as Chegg Tutors, Uteach, Udemy, Tutorhub,


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  • Freelance writing –


Freelance writing -


If you are a word wiz and can produce content that is creative, informative and compelling, you can start working as a freelance writer. Clients are always looking for writers who will be able to provide them with good quality written content for an assignment to assignment basis as it is cheaper for them instead of hiring someone full time. And if clients like your work, you can even get recurring work. Once you have created an impressive portfolio and have gathered experience as a freelance writer, you can even charge higher rates for your content and expertise. For this type of work, websites like Freelancer.com and Fiverr are quite popular. It is handy to up-skill yourself to set yourself apart from your


  • Translating services –


Translating services -


If you speak and write multiple languages, you can make a good amount of money as a translator. Although there are translating apps available, the detailed human touch  is preferred and clients don’t mind paying extra for So if you are multilingual, showcase your  capabilities and start making money from this. You can also get certified and increase your credibility even more.


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  • Life Coaching –


Life Coaching -


Studies have shown that mental stress and stress related issues are plaguing people now more than ever4. In this testing time, life coaching has emerged as a useful service. Many people are looking for directions in life and need to be reminded about taking it easy in life and to reconnect with themselves. If you have the natural ability to listen to people and like to motivate and help others, you can become a life coach and provide life coaching services from your home. You don’t need any license to become a life coach, however, getting an International Coach Federation (ICF) certification will give a great boost to your credintials


  • Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing -


You can also make a considerable amount of money by becoming an affiliate marketer. In this, you will be promoting products of companies and earn commissions out of it. You first need to register in an affiliate program such as those of Amazon and Flipkart. The next step would then be choosing the offers for promotion, following which you’ll get the links to those particular offers. You will then need to promote those links through your social media or even blogs or websites. After that, you are on your way to earn through affiliate



  • Consulting services –


Consulting services -


If you have expertise in finance or health/fitness or beauty or fashion or any other field, you can become a consultant and charge people for your consulting services. You can offer your consultation services through online channels or through your social media. This is a great way to provide people with good quality services and make good money out of


Starting a profitable home business can be challenging, but equipped with the right knowledge and tools, potentially anyone can start a successful business from home. Home business possibilities are in no way limited to the ten ideas provided here. If you are skilled then you can start your home business with little to no hassles, provided it is permitted by law. It is very important to do your research and gather useful information before you start any form of home business. Ensure that you are compliant, are selling something that people will want to pay for and utilize the available channels for promotion and marketing and you are on the path to a profitable home business. So, don’t wait any longer and  take one step towards starting your own home business TODAY!


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