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"There is as much greatness of mind in acknowledging a good turn, as in doing it. "

- Seneca


One of the most important parts of any strong content strategy is being able to experiment with different types of content and making sure that you don’t end up in a “content rut” where you reuse the same kind of content again and again. In short, content strategies that make an effort to mix up and diversify their content is more likely to have a loyal customer base  as well as have a higher likelihood of expanding your reach, generating leads and bringing in new customers. 


Coming up with fresh ideas for content might seem intimidating but there are so many different choices of leading generating content for you to pick from. Here are seven of the most popular types of lead generation content to spruce up and optimize your landing page : 


  • E-books




E-books are a great content option because not only does it help but also educating existing and prospective customers and prospects. While the process of developing this kind of content is time-consuming – requiring you to choose the topic you want to focus on as well as presenting it in a way that encourages a prospective client to download your e-book and then have a productive conversation with a member of your sales team -it is definitely worth it if done well because it helps you establish your credibility in your specific industry. E-books are a common choice because not only are they self-publishable but also usually shareable on social media thus helping you increase the reach of your content. 


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  • Podcasts




Reading content may not be for everyone – this is where podcasts come in. Increasingly popular in recent times, podcasts are not both informative and entertaining while also enabling you to show off your brand’s personality and build your audience. Producing podcasts might seem like a complicated, technical process but in reality creating one can be relatively budget-friendly ; all you really need is a decent quality microphone and an engaging host who is able to hook potential customers and encourage lead generation. 


When using podcasts for lead generation, one of the best things to do is ask listeners to subscribe to it. By encouraging subscription you’re giving the listeners reasons to stick with you by providing them up-to-date on specific industry trends and even sneak previews of future episodes. 


  • Presentations 




Having covered the audio aspect above, remember that visuals never fail to stand-out when it comes to content. Creating engaging, informative presentations on platforms like SlideShare is really great for driving traffic in a relatively low effort way. SlideShare also gives you the option as a marketer to hide the presentations behind a form or allow free downloads in exchange for basic contact information – either way it helps you connect and find out more about your prospective customers and helps with lead conversion. 


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  • Courses 




Everyone likes to learn something new, to feel like they are walking away with something in return for providing you with the information you need to further your brand. Courses, tutorials and step-by-step guides are therefore great types of content that are very versatile and engaging. You have the option to produce these online courses/tutorials in-house or hire professionals to do so. Further, you can also provide it live in the form of webinars or simply make a recorded video, both of which you can then email to your audience as a link they can access forever.


  • Free apps


Free apps


You can never go wrong with offering out a few free products or samples to earn more business in the future. Similarly, giving out free versions of your product or service with no conditions or risk for the audience can be a very efficient way to generate leads. You can ask prospective customers to fill out a form in return for a link to download a free version of your brand’s app to try out a few of the features. 


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  • Contests




Much like the allure of free stuff, people love contests. Fun for both you as the organizer and the audiences, you can run them, run contests on your website, or on any social media platform and can be as simple and straightforward or as complicated as you’d like. Contests are great for driving traffic to your website or social media and enables you to engage and interact with customers – both old and new – as well as grow your reach and lead generation.


  • Email Subscriptions 


Email Subscriptions 


Building a dedicated subscriber base can be easy with only a simple step of asking any visitors to your site for their email address in exchange for sending them new blog posts, exciting contests, tutorials or events you might be running and even news/trends from the industry. By keeping your audience engaged with your brand through weekly or monthly emails, you ensure that you’re on their minds and by delivering content types to hook them right to their inbox you’re able to increase the lead generation rates. 




Aside from these seven common types of lead generation content, you also have other options such as live or online events, templates, webinars, free trials and much more to take your pick from. All you need to do is experiment with different types of offers so that you can mix and match according to what resonates with your specific audience. The key is to always keep people on their toes with ground-breaking, innovative and relevant content ideas that never fails to intrigue audiences. 


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