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Tutorial Teaching

Bhawna Mehta

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"Men of perverse opinion do not know the excellence of what is in their hands, till some one dash it from them. "

- Sophocles


Tutorial Teaching is the method which is delivered to the specific group of the students or to the individual student. The prime motive of the tutorial teaching is to help the students to improve their Cognitive and other academic abilities. The tutorial teaching is also known as the REMEDIAL TEACHING. The Tutorial teaching is more interactive and specific than the Lectures.






As we all know now there is a pandemic situation of COVID-19. So, in this situation teachers and students have a golden chance to grab the opportunities in tutorial teaching. The students have more chance to learn the new things with the help of the tutorial teaching. Also, the teachers have an opportunity to deliver their lectures to those students who really want to gain the proper knowledge. People are earning good with the help of the teaching tutorial. People doing CA also, they are not going for the job. They are giving coaching to the CA students. There are many different aids for the kids. So that the kids can improve their learning skills. With the help of the teaching tutorials students can add and learn many more things to their study. There are different coaching centers of different courses which provide proper tutorials to the students on different subjects. They can provide test series and notes to the students which can help them in their studies. As we all know situation is not good right now because of Covid19 Pandemic, so this is a opportunity for those who does not have a job or any other source of earning. They can earn good income from tutorial teaching. Tutors are the educators who helps the students usually one-on-one. They understand and clear their doubts and problems one- on-one. The most important thing is that they do not give Grades, they just try to help or guide the students.


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The tutorial is an important and effective TEACHING- LEARNING TOOL, which can help the students to enhancing their learning abilities. It enhances students Intellectual, Communication and Social Skills. The tutors can help to strengthen subject comprehension, build important learning skills and they also build their Confidence. This improves Academic performance, Retention and the personal growth.






The Tutorial Teaching is a good and effective method. One can start the teaching tutorial at any age. As we all know present situation of COVID-19, So one can easily start this at home. The people who does not have any job, they can do these tutorials at their home. They can give their classes online and offline as well. But right now, they can give online classes to the different groups of the students or the individual student. It depends on them and on the student’s demand, because some of the students prefer individual class. And the most important thing about the tutorial teaching is that it is more specific than a book or the lectures. The Students seeks examples to learn the courses, and it supply the information to complete a certain task. In today’s time we have many social applications, with help of these applications we can promote our tutorial teaching. You can promote your tutorial teaching by various sources. Like-YouTube, LinkedIn, Freelancer. One can also make their tutorial videos and upload them on these sites, so that they can promote their business. By Branding Pamphlet distribution and newspaper add and by giving proper information you can easily promote your teaching tutorial.


Anyone can teach if he or she have expertise in any specific thing whether it is Academic or Non- Academic. Like-Dance, Yoga, Singing, Karate, etc. They can start their own classes in which they are expert and can easily gave classes to the students. They can also start Sports Academy if they are good at this. These all are the extra-curricular activities which are important not for the students but for all the people. These teaching tutorials make them Self-Dependent which is important in today’s time.


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