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Top Technology Predictions for Small Businesses

Aparna Jaiswal

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"You may only be someone in the world, but to someone else, you may be the world. "



“We are changing the world with Technology” – Bill Gates


Technology is the application of science that can be used for practical purposes. It has always played a crucial role in making our lives easier. At present, technology has taken all over the world and in the coming time, we will be highly dependent on it. So, owners must know about small business technology trends that may help in growing the business and making the products more personalized and automated.


People have a perception that technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning are only meant to be used for big MNCs, but that’s not true at all. Every business needs technology to make their products smarter and increase the efficiency of their tasks.


Technology also helps in cutting down the cost which enables small and home-based businesses to make the scalability better. Below are some of the small business technology trends that every small business owner should have an idea about.


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  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


AI for small business


This is the age where technology is helping technology to make things easier. The coming time will all about voice searches which will be an application of AI and ML. Personalized and automated  customer services and other AI based features are the need of the future and businesses should an idea about it.


  • Cloud Technology


cloud technology


With the Internet taking all over the world, data is something of major concern. The biggest challenge would be to store and secure the data. The chances of the data breach will be higher in the future and businesses must use technologies like a cloud to store the valuable data.


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  • Blockchain


blockchain technology


Blockchain is one of the most trending technology today. It ensures that all the digital payments are secure and of high integrity.


  • Data


data analysis


Data is the new big thing. There will be 627 million Internet users in India by the end of this year. When these many people are available on the Internet, it becomes very important to protect their personal information. Data science deals with analyzing this data for better business understanding and preventing it from getting misused in any form.


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  • 5G Technology


5G technology


5G technology will make the Internet faster and thus loading the digital space with a lot of opportunities.


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  • Cybersecurity




When the whole world is using computers for their tasks, cybersecurity becomes the major concern. Cybercrimes are bound to happen and businesses should take safety measures in advance to save their cyber data.

  • Internet of Things(IoT)




This is the age where the Internet is connecting everything, IoT is of great importance. You set reminders on your mobile phones, receive notifications communicating with satellites, jets, robots are all examples of IoT.


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  • Specialized Softwares


speialised software for small business


Business owners must know about different software used in their industry.


  • Complete mobile experience


 mobile experience for small business


Research says almost 80 percent of business communication and reach is carried out through mobile phones. Every business owner should be aware of the applications used on a mobile phone and also know how to handle it.


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Aparna Jaiswal

Story By:

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