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Ladies, stop worrying and start living for yourself.


Do you every time think of starting something of your own and show the world that you’re not just a homemaker but a business woman too?


In India there’re so many women who have lost touch from corporate world after getting married due to kids and family and wish to restart their career while taking care of their little ones but don’t have time to get out and find a job for themselves.


Are you one of them too?


Well in that case you can make money in the comfort of your home and start your own home based business while keeping an eye on your little ones.


Identify your Skills and Interests


Before starting or investing in anything you should first identify what skill do you own or what is your area of interest and then choose wisely in what field you want to get into.


Here are Top 8 business ideas for all the talented women out there, you could choose the one that is right for you.


  • Social media manager


Social media manager


You can start as social media manger by managing the profiles of influencers. You need to offer them your creativity and skills. Also keep a watch on upcoming trends and help them get more engagement on their social media pages.


To start as a social media manger, firstly opt for a class online. Because learning is important before earning out of it. You can approach social media influencers by mailing them your ideas and work and they will get back to you if they are interested. You can manage 5-6 influencers at a time and earn.


Skills required: You should have great management skills to manage someone else’s page. You also need a good level of Understanding to understand requirement of your client.


Investment required: Requires minimum investment at the initial stages only while opting for online classes.


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  • Lunch box business


Lunch box business


Transform your love for cooking into making money as there are so many working men and women both who are looking for home made food for themselves. If you can make tasty food with love then what are you waiting for? Start making delicious dishes and start earning out of it.


You just need to make food and the person or entity that they have appointed will deliver the food for them at their places.


Skills required: You should have the quality of making large variety of food for different people as everyone come from different backgrounds and culture.


Investment required: depends on how many clients you’re dealing with. The investment is mostly less as you only have to invest in the raw material.


  • Blogging




If you love writing and you have some talent in you that would help people in improving their lifestyle then you can go for blogging. You just need to select a niche that you’re good at, research more about that niche and scope of that specific niche and then you’re good to go.


The popular niches are Fashion, lifestyle, travel. But whatever niche you choose it should be different from other blogs.


Skills required: Excellent English with zero grammatical errors in both written and vocal is a must.


Investment required: You have to invest in domain and hosting of your website if you’re sure that you will make this work but if you’re unsure about it than you can create your blog on wordpress or blogspot for free as they also provide hosting.


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  • Freelancing




Working as a freelancer is the easiest way to make money specially in this pandemic where everything is available online. Many freelancing websites bring together people from various fields to find the right freelancers for them.


In simple words in freelancing you don’t work for a single entity but you can work for 4-5 clients at the same time. So you can never be jobless in future as not all the clients will fire you at the same time.


Skills require: You should have skills like content writing, Graphic design, logo design, website design and so on. You should have the skills that you can provide online.


Investment required: You don’t require any such investment in freelancing but it varies on the project that you’re offering.


  • Boutique




If you love styling clothes or you’ve did a course on fashion designing and you have a spare room that is not used much often, Turn the room into your boutique store and get started.


You can hire a tailor to stitch your designs and to start be ready with few samples so you could show your work to your clients or you can showcase all your designs at one go and the customer can select designs as per their likings.


Skills required: You must’ve knowledge of different clothing and unique ideas that makes you stand different from other well-known boutiques.


Investment required: Investment is comparatively high from other mentioned businesses as the raw material for clothes is high. You can go for bulk purchasing to minimise the cost.


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  • Day care centre


Day care centre


If you have an empty room and you love kids then you should start a day care centre at home. There are so many working parents that have kids to look after. You can take care of them for the working hours of their parents and their parents will come and pick them once they’re free.


You can look after less kids at first and check if this works for you and then go for more kids by renting or buying place to look after them.


Skills required: Management skill is necessary to look after kids and love for kids remains the priority if you want to open a day care centre.


Investment required: The cost is minimum at first as you will be doing this at your home by buying some toys and books for kids to entertain their needs.


  • Online teaching class


Online teaching class


It is said that A woman is the best teacher for her child, teaching is the inherent quality of woman which should be utilised wisely. You can teach kids online any subject of your liking and help them learn better through your knowledge.


Not only educational subjects but you can teach drawing, dance, music online to kids according to your talent and proficiency in that filed.


Skills required: good level of proficiency in the field that you will be teaching to the kids is mandatory.


Investment required: No investment required but depends on the field you choose.


  • Resell online business


online business


There are so many online businesses who seek for People to resell their products online or on their social media handle. Websites like meesho, glowroad are available to enable women to just post pictures of their products and it also the delivery and payment is on the them, so you don’t have to worry about delivering the products. You earn commission by selling products. You can earn more by increasing your customers by increasing your connections on social media.


Skills required: You should have wide connections with people to resell and good communication skills is also required.


Investment required: You can start this without investing anything or it depends on the company that you’re dealing with.


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