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Top 6 Apps Every Small Business Owner Should Use In 2020

Ayesha Mude

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"Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending. "

- Lazurus Long


In today’s tech-driven world, mobile phones have become a daily essential. Equipped with features and apps that cater to our every whim, phones have become tools of survival and apps have become our lifelines. 


From a business point of view, every entrepreneur needs support while setting up and running their business. There are a lot of useful apps for business owners that ease their entrepreneurial journey. Apps are an accurate and efficient way to track and manage your business, right from order management and bookkeeping to marketing and sales.


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Here is a list of some of the best small business apps for an entrepreneur to help them gear up for the exciting year ahead :-


  • Bulb and Key




Bulb and key is an online platform which empowers small and home-based businesses by providing holistic business solutions such as order management, delivery network, payment management, inventory supply, product listing and lead generation.


  • deAzzle




deAzzle is a platform that directly connects local businesses to consumers. They do so by providing hassle-free interaction between the business and their consumers.


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  • Khata Book




Khata Book is an app that provides a platform for managing business ledgers on your phone. It makes managing credit accounts and generating reports easier by providing safe and secure records, multilingual support, free SMS reminders and automatic backups all through one app.


  • Shiprocket




For a small home-based business, shipping and delivery plays an important role. It acts as a bridge between the small business owner and the customer, thus it is important to have a proper system in place that deals with this aspect. Shiprocket is a delivery management app that covers every aspect related to shipping and delivery. It offers extensive services such as discounted shipping rates, global shipping, order management, multiple shipping partners, etc.


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  • Instamojo




Payment gateways are very useful platforms for small businesses. They provide a medium of payment for these businesses. Instamojo is one such platform. It  gives smart links that provide the business with important information such as customer details and shipping addresses. Not just that but it also provides registered small businesses with features such as payment buttons and easy bank transfers.


  • Maple CRM


Maple CRM


Having a functioning CRM tool is very important for a small business as it improves your relationship with your existing customers, helps in bringing back former customers and finding prospective customers. Denisys Maple CRM is a very trusted CRM app that was founded in India, it specializes in features like Workflow Automation, Access Control, Team Management, etc.


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