Top 10 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Your Creative Block

Devyani Koparde

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"Everything is perfect in the universe — even your desire to improve it. "

- Wayne Dyer


Tik-Tok, Tik-Tok,

Head’s spinning, Mind’s Block.

Don’t worry, Take it slow.

Trust yourself and let your creative juices flow.


Creative Blocks – a word, oh so familiar to all writers, musicians, designers, marketers, or artists. It’s a phase where you feel mentally numb, no new ideas pop up, feel frustrated, like a mental burnout.


But don’t you worry, each and every creative person has been in this space. If you are having a creative block now, it is important to know that this is a temporary phase and this too shall pass.


Being in the creative field could be quite demanding which could result in a lot of pressure on yourself. A skill can be copied, but no one can steal your creativity. You have to produce an idea that is unique, revolutionary, yet something that your clients or your requirements demand. It’s not easy to come up with a creative idea every day! We know, it’s tough and we understand what you are going through.


A creative block can be developed due to a number of reasons like taking too much pressure, time constraints, overexerting yourself, mental trauma, boredom, or by many other things.

It’s okay, you will get through this.


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We have curated a highly effective list of things you can do to overcome your creative block.

Here it goes..


1) Just Take A Break !


take a break | Bulb And Key


Yes, as easy as it sounds, close your laptop and keep your books away. Sometimes, all you need is a mental break. Stop thinking about the problem and engage in things you enjoy. Have a cup of tea, or listen to some music. Rejuvenate your mind and you will be right back on track.


2) The Pre- Sleep Routine Hack


2 | Bulb And Key


This is one of my favourite ways to get over a creative block.

To come up with a creative solution, the ‘pre-sleep routine’ helps many. For this, you have to get into bed, ready to sleep. Before sleeping, start reading through material and information you already have- like your creative brief, the basic ideas you have worked on, online inspirations, etc. After reading through it all, think ‘one last time’ what your goal is? What solution or idea is expected from you? And then go to bed.

The time after you have closed all your material and before you fall asleep, your sub-cautious mind will slowly take over, and produce the best of ideas.


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3) Do Some Freewriting


3 | Bulb And Key


Another amazing technique to get over creative blocks is freewriting. Freewriting is a way of expressing yourself through words without giving your writing much of a thought.  For example, if you want to write a poem about mental health and you are facing a creative block, take a blank paper and start writing what you feel about the topic. Don’t judge yourself, whatever you are feeling and are thinking about at that moment, write it down. Here your thoughts would be very scattered. It wouldn’t make any sense at that moment, but you will find some ‘gems’ in your writing which you can pick up and incorporate into your work and get over your creative block.


4) The Crazy Creative Dance


4 | Bulb And Key


This is a funny one, but you got to give this a try. The creative dance is done when you let go control of your body and just move your body in an abstract flow. Lock yourself in a room, or be in a space you are extremely comfortable in. Close your eyes and bend down forward with your hands almost touching the floor. Now, this is when it gets a bit crazy. Start moving around, up and down. Let your arms move in any direction they want and mentally think about how your creative juices are flowing through your body. Don’t let your brain take over and made you move in a stiff way. The creative dance will help you let loose, and you will feel much better.


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5) Read ’em Books


5 | Bulb And Key


The more you read, the most you will be exposed to thoughts of different genres. Be it psychology, science,  fiction or romance. Every book is filled with information that adds to your bank in your brain. The more you know about different topics and approaches, the less likely you are to face a creative block. This might not be an immediate solution, but picking up a book and reading is never a bad idea.


6) Step out !


6 | bulb And Key


It happens quite often that if you are sitting in the same place for very long and repetitive, the place stops to inspire you resulting in a creative block. Get up, and leave. Take a stroll at the park, or go hiking. Step out of your comfort zone, and let your surroundings and observations inspire you to overcome your blocks.


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7) Go down the memory lane


7 | Bulb And Key


Take out all the compositions/ work you have reproduced before. Go through it, read it, analyze it, and travel down the memory lane and try to feel your mental space back then. Try to incorporate your learnings from the past in the current activity, and motivate yourself to get over your creative block. Use your past inspirations to inspire you now.


8) Om, Om- Meditate 


8 | Bulb And Key


Meditation is one of the activities which will make you feel at peace. There are a variety of meditation genes available online. Whether you want to relax, feel motivated, feel more creative- there is an audio available for you. Sit in a quiet area with your eyes closed and follow the instructions. We promise you will feel better and with more energy to get over your creative block.


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9) Dive into the online world of creativity


9 | Bulb And Key


Taking inspiration from online platforms sometimes could hinder your creativity, or even provoke you to produce work that is plagiarized. During a creative block, scrolling through YouTube, reading blogs, going through Pinterest, and consuming content of different genres will take off your mind from the work you are doing right now and also will give you ideas you could incorporate in your project.


10) Just a phone call away.


just phone call away | bulb And Key


When stuck with a creative block, it would a good idea to call someone you trust. Talking to someone, sharing your ideas, and taking their opinion can open up to another perspective which might inspire you to get over your creative block. You can call multiple friends and ask for their opinions as well. Keep in mind, try not to practice this often, don’t get used to relying on others ideas or validations for your work.


We are sure, one of these ways would help you get over your creative block in no time and you will be ready to make your unique mark on this world. Remember the quote, by Dieter F Uchdorf, “The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.”

And Never Stop Creating.


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