Tips For Starting A Knitting Business

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Thinking of starting a knitting business? It’s always exciting to start something you like and work for it with all your heart. Knitting for many is their hobby and some look at it as fashion with a passion. Starting a knitting business would be for someone a step towards becoming financially independent whereas for some it is a way of expressing the art they perceive on wool. For knitters, yarn is their canvas and the stitches are the designs they draw. While thinking of Knitting as a business, make sure your main objective should be making a profit by turning the craft into business.


While starting a Knitting business, remember this, unless you are a famous artist, you don’t earn much profit, but you should keep trying. Try some new designs, make unique designs and start with traditional garment designs or small products like hats, wall hanging art pieces, etc. 


Make sure you are comfortable with start-up costs, and also it depends on the type of woolen garments you are planning to knit. It will be better if you start with small things like that, in the initial period of a business unless you are famous in the market and also this would not cost much as you’ll require a small amount of raw material. You always take a loan, but buying raw material as required would help you make profit sooner. 


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  • Use natural dye and organic fiber


Natural Dyes


Going sustainable is a new trend now, and is a need at present. Garment industry is the third most polluting industry in the world which not only affects the health of the employees working in garment factories but also the environment. To be a responsible citizen many opt for natural fabric also known as slow fashion. So using natural dyes for the wool and making use of natural fiber will be ethical. 


  • Yarn suppliers


Yarn Supplier


Quality of raw material used for production is cruel which cannot be neglected and should be brought from an authorized supplier. First step after you decide to start a knitting business is to collect information and make a list of wholesale suppliers of yarn nearby your place. 


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  • Knitting design


Knitting Design


Knitting is basically creating and joining loops using needles and making different patterns of it. Apart from the knit stitch and purl stitch there are no other knitting stitches and using this try to experiment with the craft. So, when it comes to design, try to be as unique as possible and initially start with small items like hat, woolen scarf, pouches etc. Along with this make garments which have traditional designs and try some vintage designs, as people are into vintage and classic designs these days. 

Make sure you have all the raw materials as soon as you decide the designs. Knitting needles (In all sizes), weighing machines for weighing yarn, etc. 


  • Customers and Marketing




Make a list of targeted audiences and decide where you would like to sell your craft. Remember that knitting takes time and takes orders accordingly. You can sell the products offline as well as online. Flea markets, art exhibitions are good options while for online many artists sell their products on Etsy, Ebay or Amazon. You can start selling offline first and observe the customer response, decide if you want to go online and are ready for a large number of customers.


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