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"I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars. "

- Og Mandino


It is important or should I say absolutely necessary to keep your workplace tidy and organised according to me. A pile of scattered pens, empty coffee cups, waste lying all around, untidy papers and books, unnecessary things like comb, lipstick or even baby toys on the station can make it look weird and has the potential to stress you out. At times the untidiness and scattered atmosphere creates chaos in our mind and can make us act fragile or believe that we are not even capable of organising! – to get away from the chaos and mundane nature of these things we have to be in charge! It is not rocket science, the least you have to do is take out time once a week and follow some rules or tips that work the best for you.


Organize Your Work Space


The key is to have everything within an arm’s reach and make sure that there is quick access to all the necessary things around you. You could also use old items in your house to organise and upcycle some things in your house if you have an eco-friendly angle in your nature. It is not about being the total OCD victim or the neatness freak that some people claim to be. Neatness and Cleanliness are two totally different terms. A simple dusting, keeping pens in the box stacking up the books, keeping papers in designated folders, clearing your laptop or simply closing it and cleaning the dust on it, adding some colour, putting your favourite plant on the desk, or even getting organisers to put stationery can go a long way in making your workspace or environment a bright one.



It is not only about the desk but also the whole area where you work. Positive and good vibes always help you focus, right? Getting a comfortable chair, sticking up your favourite posters, getting a simple rack beside your work-station for easy access, putting some flowers in the room, putting your favourite super-hero posters, or just getting one quirky piece of furniture to light up the room can make a majestic change.


  • Here are my few cents to keep your workspace or environment, tidy and organised:-


workspace elements


  • Doing this can have a huge impact on your performance and no doubt boost your productivity. If you believe in Fengshui or Vaastu-Shaastra, it is recommended to have plants around the space which are low in maintenance, and need to be watered only once or twice a week. This also improves air-quality around you, at the same time keeps you energised and revived. Some plants include but not limited to Aloe vera, daisy, chrysanthemums, spider plant or you could even go for smaller versions of cactus that come as hybrids.


  • It is recommended to sanitise the place with good brand ones, as good smell is equivalent to good mood. Heard of perfumes giving you a high? well, treat it as something like that. It works well also for cleansing the air around, kill bad odour and give you an enhanced mood to study or work.


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  • A small fan or cooler in the room can do wonders to lighten up your mood. It will lessen your feelings of anxiety and keep you focused.


  • Keep a bottle of water handy. Preferably with some fresh mint leaves, lemon or cucumber, popularly known as detox water. It will help to flush to any unnecessary toxins naturally out of the body, and with a fresh mind you can concentrate on your work or study better.


  • Colour is one of the boons that we have got in this era. This trick works for all – always focus on having pastel shades around your work area and not darker ones. If the workstation is at home, this can be easily implemented, but in the case of an office cubicle, you can try getting crape paper of a pastel colour and stick it on your board to make the environment fresh. You can stick your important post-its, notices, messages, to-do-list etc. on these crape papers, the advantage being, they are cost + eco-friendly, you can even change them as you please, probably every month. Another colour factor could be getting some floral prints or beach related posters to cover up the space.


workspace 2


  • A quirky, tiny, little lamp can make wonders to the way your speak to you. Make sure the lighting is not boring or the one that can dampen your spirits.


  • Don’t we all have tons of unused jars at home? Plastic or glass – does not matter, the magic of upcycling comes into the picture. These jars can be turned into such amazing organisers for your stationery and even up your ergonomics game.


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  • Invest in a good table and chair if you are working from home or if you are in your office, request your HR for atleast a comfortable chair if you are going to be putting long hours of work. Your furniture should have five qualities, great ergonomics, great support for your back, flexibility to stretch and keep your legs at the right place, perfect balance to suit your eyes and the length of the chest to chair and table, additionally, it should be qualitative.


workspace 3


  • Some people just have the habit of leaving things of the table after they finish working or throwing it on their bed, or just leaving important files on the chair, to avoid this, you can purchase legit wooden trays from Amazon, E-bay, Flipkart or even get an old one from your home and just stack up your things in it. It will make finding things so much easier even without labelling them.


  • Keep some chewy stuff, candies, toffee, or something as convenient as a lollipop on your desk. It is pleasant to have such tiny-treats around to reward yourself or others, to keep up the spirit.


  • Aesthetics of a workspace needs to be developed with time and your own taste too. I personally feel that sunshine or even a few rays of the sun falling on your desk or workstation can make a million-dollar difference in the way you perceive your work. Unfortunately, if this is not possible, try to get folders that are bright in colour, try to use quirky stationery, maybe use magnets to organise your papers, to create more space in a dampened area work your way up vertically. Basically, try creating space for things vertically and not horizontally. What it does is give a professional look to your workspace and makes it look upscale.


These were my two-cents on the whole keeping workstation/space/environment tidy, organised and happy too!

Comment below if you have any more awesome ideas and stay tuned to my blog for more such information on lifestyle, travel and languages!


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