Customer Retention for Small Businesses


The Importance Of Customer Retention For Small Businesses

Sakshi Nadkarni

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"Music in the soul can be heard by the universe. "

- Lao Tzu


It’s shocking how many companies allocate most of their assets to a new business. An excess amount of focus on the present could end up affecting your future negatively. Companies spend billions yearly on their advertising. If your center of attention isn’t on retaining consumers, it’s time to change that outlook since you’ll be losing money. 


The cost to retain vs the cost to acquire is more affordable. Customer retention may not be all that interesting but it is certainly money-making. The main aim of retention is to keep customers involved & attentive in your services & products.


A one-time consumer is a loss in revenue. Customer acquisition is an expense. A quick tip to assimilate how much you’re paying out would be to, add up all your marketing & sales costs and split that amount by the number of new customers gained. 


Utilize customer retention schemes to maintain your loyal customers. Your company needs a faithful, lasting customer base to be well-established and to make sure of future income.


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  • The Benefits of Consumer Retention: 


The Benefits of Consumer Retention: 


  1. Economical – It isn’t always expensive to bring new customers on board but, the basic principle is as accurate as it must be: it’s more commercial to retain a consumer than to bring aboard new ones. As mentioned above it is inexpensive, although not very easy.


  1. A Loyal Advantage – If a customer appreciates your brand, chances are they’ll suggest you to their family & friends, and you could also receive social media recognition. Not only is loyalty reasonable, but it also has better comebacks. 


        Loyal consumers are known to deliver 23% more profitability & takings. Loyal customers do not mind the increase in prices, but be careful not to elevate prices              for no reason. Do not test their loyalty.


  1. Be Different – Place yourself in a customer’s point of view, and contemplate how many brands you connect with that seem to appreciate your support & backing. The acquisition is the center of attention for most brands today, which makes the retention-oriented standout.


  1. Word of Mouth References – At the end of the day, your most constant & devoted consumers will be your finest origin for new business ventures. The youngsters share about 90% of brand exploits over the internet or their social media platforms which are, in turn, great engagement for your product or service.  


  1. Better Consumer Engagement Brings A Better Response – Feedback is vital to the success of any company. Feedback is the best and most effective tactic played. It gives you input directly from the consumer and gives you a chance to work exactly on what’s wrong instead of hours of pondering on how to evolve your product or service.



  • Raise Customer Retention: 


Raise Customer Retention: 


Increasing customer retention rates begins by following your customers’ journey with your service or product. Good response time is very important in the customer service department of a company. Responding to a customer as soon as possible conveys honesty and this is the backbone to growing the customer relationship. 


The cost to retain vs the cost to acquire is overpriced, to avoid it don’t let your consumer lose sight of you, maintain well-ordered communication, such as automatic emails about your improvements or service features.


 A constant connection improves the relationship your brand has with a customer. If you are approached by a consumer with doubts regarding your product or service make sure your response rate is quick and crosscheck to make sure your team is giving out the right information. Always consider customer comments, be it negative or positive, and motivate them to voice their views.


Other than the five benefits mentioned above, there are a few more advantages to customer retention like saving money on marketing, increasing product integrity, product development, and more. Loyalty programs, special discounts & promotions, improved CRM systems are different ways you can pursue customer retention. The most chief aspect is to not forget your existing customers in the search for new ones.


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