Steps Involved In Starting Food Truck Business

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"Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing."

- Lao Tzu


How exciting would it be to have a restaurant that moves with you! Mobile food trucks or moving restaurants have earned enormous popularity in various patches of India and abroad with its amazing form of existence. Right from when it first came into the market, it hasn’t failed to surprise the folks around itself even once. It’s not only fancy and handy but also comes with a truck full of advantages that in-turn blesses you with more revenue and thus happiness!


Here you will be learning a few extremely important must-knows of the Mobile Food Truck business. It is recommended that you plan it, do it, check it, and then act on it as well.


  • The theme


The theme


Good news!!! Food Truck is a low investment and low-risk business idea even if you wish to have it lavish. Needless, to say with a revenue of a digit or two more than your estimate. You would also need just a handful of resources to kick-off and there’s your business up and running!


But hey, hold on a bit. For what you wish to choose, it’s highly essential that you learn about the various activities involved in running a mobile food business. As a starting point, you must achieve a grip on the processes of analyzing customer data.


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  • Business Identity


Business Identity


Your business identity depicts your journey towards it. Make it as lively as it really is. Here is what you need from day one:


The name and the logo: What’s it that you want your customers to associate you with? What’s it that you want your customers to remember even when they are half-asleep? Create that visual picture in your head and decide a name. Further, you may explain it to a graphic designer so as to have a logo. The logo is your mark, your emblem, your name, your symbol, your public recognition, and public identification. Create it right!


  • Before you start selling



Like every other restaurant business in the world, you need all the mandatory licenses and permits for selling food in your food truck.


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  • Health/Trade License


Health/Trade License


This license ensures that your restaurant stands corrected under the health concerns of the Health Department. It will need around 60 days to be issued to you after your submission of the form and documents.


  • NOC from the Chief Fire Officer:


NOC from the Chief Fire Officer


As food trucks deal with a lot of gas appliances, having a NOC certificate from the Chief Fire Officer is mandatory.


  • Vehicle license


Vehicle license


As you will be operating out of a commercial vehicle, a license for the same must be issued by the RTO of commercial vehicles.


The food menu


The food menu


It’s more than just a random list of food dishes. It has to be planned logically and strategically. Keeping the customer’s thought process right before your eyes is necessary.


Another very important aspect of this business is to limit your menu options to an optimum number. Start with 20 and raise it as you scale up in your business.


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  • Get Armed


right equipment


Space! Space! Space! That’s the heart of the food truck business. Use it right and you shall win. Use it wrong and you shall suffer! Mark these words and check how to do it right.


It all depends upon how you equip your kitchen with. Below is the list of right equipment you might want to choose for the what-so-ever type of menu you wish to keep:


  • Flat Top Grill


Flat Top Grill


It can be used to cook hamburger patties, toast buns, eggs, potatoes, etc.


  • Deep Fryer


Deep Fryer


Come on! You are already planning french fries or tater tots on your menu.


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  • Commercial Fridge


Commercial Fridge


Saving the buns, cut-food, toppings, and fresh juices for tomorrow is pretty obvious.


  • Convection Oven:


Convection Oven:


To stuff your grilled cheese sandwiches with rich toppings and meats this is a great option for melting cheese throughout the sandwich.


  • Cutting Boards


Cutting Boards:


Whether you’re dicing, chopping, or slicing, cutting boards are essential for every kitchen.


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  • Essentials


Exhaust window


Exhaust window with a fan, three-compartment sink, scrubbers and sponges, broom, dustpan, and dustbin.


  • How to find a food truck location:




Selecting the right location to start your business is probably the most crucial decision you could ever make. Keeping the following factors in mind is recommended:


  • Vehicle Parking


Vehicle Parking


A truck needs a considerable amount of open space. Also, it is necessary to ensure that you are allowed to park a vehicle in a specific area. You might want to meet up with the local municipal authorities for this.


  • Visibility




You should choose an area which is frequently visited by people. Good areas might be outside popular parks, movie halls, and universities. Do re-visit who your target audience is.


Now that you have known almost everything that you need to start your food truck business, it’s time to jump out of your chair and begin the journey. Good luck!


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