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Start an Online Business From Home: Girls, Ready, set, go!

Jayashree Konar

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"Intuition is the supra-logic that cuts out all the routine processes of thought and leaps straight from the problem to the answer. "

- Robert Graves



“One who can’t determine goals; cannot win.”


   – Chanakya sloka.


This is twenty first century, all about commerce. Commerce, today, doesn’t mean mere loss – profit calculations in ledger books, rather, it deals with economic empowerment  and social justice. The scenario is even intensed in this economic recession because of covid 19. It demands more resilience.The number of registered cases of home violence is pretty good1. Unregistered cases may be even higher. Joblessness and depression might be the reason. However, women do not deserve to be the soft target. Condition is rather worse in case of unemployed section. All the abilities and creative urges of women do not deserve to be fried with breakfast omlets or pressed under steaming iron. Economic independence may add wings to their dreams. The equilibrium of economics in the upcoming new near normal post covid 19 era will depend on the concept of work from home and online business at home. Women including the homemakers may have an efficient share in this. Success is then just a swipe away in their smartphones. Let’s have a look at the ABC of beginner online business.


  • Eight fundamental steps to begin with:




In a profitable business policy framework, strategies are  very important. It starts with the product selection. Then the sequential steps are determination of target customer population, advertisement, sale, getting paid, packaging, transportation and finally the post sales survey, also known as feedback.


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  • Product selection in sales order:


Product selection


For the home makers, it is convenient to choose some simple selling products. To begin with, small investment is good. Apperals, costume jwelleries or accessories, makeup components, food and beverages especially the baked ones are common options. These may be hand made, purchased in bulk or resold from online apps. Online startups like #Meesho app are good platforms. Apps like #Amazon, #Flipkart and #Bulb and Key are also useful. Online tutorial classes of curricular or extracurricular activities are also good business options in current scenario. Content writing is also a happening choice.


  • Determination of target market & Advertising ideas:


target market


Then comes the point- how to reach upto the target customer pool. Paid advertisement may be a option but not an excellent one for online purpose as a significant number of internet users opt for ad blockers. Content based advertising is a trendy one for this purpose. Social platforms like #Facebook, #Whatsapp, #LinkedIn, #YouTube are generally used for such type of advertisements. Blogging is also a new and effective trend. For content writing, blogging is an intelligent option and for that, a website is to be created. #WordPress is commonly used for this purpose.


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  • Sale in a business and Payment collection policy:


Payment collection


Buyers generally place orders by mentioning certain catalogue code provided by the seller or simply by taking screenshots of the products from uploaded stills or videos. Contact details of the seller is to be authentic as that is the only way of communication with the buyer. Regarding payment options, online e payment is always preferable than cash on delivery mode. #Google pay, #Paytm, #Phone Pe etc. are several apps are there other than online bank transfer facilities and #PayPal. A definite return policy is to be there for getting customer satisfaction.


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  • Packaging & Transportation:


Packaging & Transportation:


Ideally seller is not responsible for mechanical breakage, spillage or tearing but packaging should be done with utmost care to avoid such tamperings. Earthen, glass or anything fragile items  should be packaged preferably in cardboard box filled with felt or wood dusts.


Before going to despatch for postal transportation and courier, address lines are Tobe doubly checked and timely delivery to be ensured. Usually, shipping cost is charged separately from the consumer depending on the distance.


  • Feedback and suggestions:




Finally, customer feedback plays a crucial role. Maintenance of a good seller buyer relationship is required for bigger turnovers. Constructive criticism is also welcomed for betterment in this field. Again a good consumer feedback is a component of content advertising.


There is a suggestion for the novish ones. To increase the profit margin, setting the selling price too high is not an intelligent option. Rather, concentration is to be given on lowering the production or purchase cost.


Every one may not be an award winning entrepreneur, but, an honest adherence and professionalism will always pay. The Pandemic striken new normal world will demand to get all the commodities available in the living room. Online business at home, therefore, shows a silver line of profit. In this context, involvement of women in this field is a tiny yet bold step towards their empowerment.


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