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Some Businesses Women Can Start From Home

Aparna Jaiswal

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"Face what you think you believe and you will be surprised. "

- William White


The concept of home-based business is basically any business, carrying out its operations from the owner’s home. Home-based business requires less manpower and low investment. Traditionally, women have been carrying out activities like stitching, knitting, cooking, embroidery and so on at home. However, over a period of time, all these activities have become successful home businesses.


Following are the various home-based businesses that can be run by women:




There are many women who are passionate about cooking. Such women can start providing catering services from home. The best part about this business is that it has a huge demand.


Providing regular tiffin service is one of the most popular choices of home-based businesses for women.


There are many subcategories in the catering business; that can be based on different cuisines, seasonal products, festive food such as Modak prepared in Ganesh festival, Puran polis prepared in Holi and faral items prepared in Diwali.


Women who love baking take orders for cakes, chocolates, cookies, desserts, home-made breads and other savoury items.


Soap Making


Women who love craft can start home-made soap business. The capital investment for such business is very low. Hand-made soaps are made up of glycerine, organic oils, butters and additives that are natural in nature. People prefer hand-made soaps because they are free from chemicals. Hand-made soaps can be sold in local stores and gift shops.


Jewelry Making


Women love buying and wearing jewellery. Thus, jewellery business is very popular and has a huge demand in the market. Creative women who have basic knowledge and are good at handling beads and pearls, pendants, wire, chain, and metals, etc. can start home-made jewellery business. Such jewellery can be sold in the local community and gift stores.


Glass Etching


Glass etching is a glass art technique that creates designs on the glass. It is used for decorating houses, offices, restaurants, etc. Artistic women who have basic knowledge about glass etching can start this business from home. These pieces of art are very unique and customized. It is a profitable business as it requires very little investment.


Cookie Gift Baskets


Nowadays people always look for innovative gifts. A cookie gift basket is one such creative, beautiful and tasty gift item that can be made at home. The home-made cookies can be made and packed in baskets that are beautifully decorated. Women who have a flair for cooking can take up this profitable business.


Card Making


Be it Birthday, Anniversary, Teacher’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day the most popular way of greeting is through a greeting card. Greeting cards come in different shapes, sizes, colours, papers. Women can easily use their creative skills to make greeting cards and sell them in the local community and gift stores and earn money. Card making is a good business opportunity for women.


Candle Making


Candles are being used since ages for creating light. Over a period of time scented candles are used for creating fragrance and as a gift article. It is also used in the churches. It is made from wax. Candles can be easily made at home. Therefore home-made candle business is a very good venture. Women who are passionate about making different types of candles can start this business. It is a low investment lucrative business.


Bee Keeping


Most of the people are very conscious about their health. People have recognised the need for honey in their diet. This has created a home-based business opportunity known as beekeeping. Beekeeping involves nurturing of bees on a day-to-day basis. Honey and wax can be made and sold in this business. The capital required in this business is very low.


It is evident that there is a lot of scope in the home-based business. One of the advantages of starting such a business is that there is no need to be professionally qualified. Some basic skills, hard work and drive to succeed are required to run this business. Housewives can easily start any of the home-based business and make it their profession. Also, working women can start home-based business on a part-time basis.


Aparna Jaiswal

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