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"One who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; one who does not ask a question remains a fool forever. "



Small Business is a different technique, through which people can earn and secure their business according to their interest. There are many creative people in this world, who can develop their business by inventing different things related to their hobbies.
A small business by which people can earn and get experiences. In business, people are aware of organizing, how to develop the business , get the day to day competitions.
In every business risk is at the first position, in market every products having their own popularity.It is not easy to do business but in small business there is risk but at low level.
It only depends on productivity and method of inventing their products.
One thing more very beneficial in this, role of Investment is at reasonable and according to which people can easy to buy and sell.
In small business can  be start  individually as well as on Partnership basis. there are many categories and different type of ideas of starting a small business as follows:
  • Boutique




A boutique is a small retail shop selling clothes and accessories and other goods  It is easy to start, easily we can manage it. Every business runs with knowledge about that industry.


  • Beauty Parlour

Beauty Parlour
Beauty Parlour is such a business by which people also get benefits and owner can easily  start their        business.
In this business it is responsibility of owner how to deal with customer. 
Beauty Parlour is business which provide numerous of services related to skin.beneficial for our skin and health,by this we get out from stress through massage and Spa its not only for get a new look ,it also make us fresh by massaging.
  • Nail Art 

Nail Art 
Nail Art is a creative business, in which trained person can make in a beautiful way by which customers attract. Many people have their various hobbies and creativity by which they utilize.enhance business in a way by which people  get a profit and earn something from it.
Every business has its own image,in business effective customer service develop the customer retention, loyalty.
  • Embroidery

Embroidery is  very fun and lucrative business. when it is started properly with all of the  resources and preparation. In embroidery work many things were prepared. Embroidery is the work which never ends in future.
In various cities Embroidery  work are most Preferable, In Embroiderywork there are lots of colored thread,needle and other various material which make it very creative and effective.
Embroidery is such work through which make a innovative things,it can be done on any cloths.
Embroidery designing can be done on Blanket,pillow covers,Bags,Shoes etc.
  • Knitting



Knitting is a personal and financial business by this people can earn easily and sell their products by home,through online. its great challenging business because every person has its choice and like.while making a products,creator always aware of each and every thing by which person will get attract to its product.

Business always  establish with different types of innovations , every product sell by its quality and neatness.
In Winters, this knitting cloths are most preferable,some people only like to wear which keep our body warm and keep us safe from cold season.
This business creative ,fun as well as low investment business.
  • Handmade Bags

Handmade Bags
Handbags is also  made by own with lots of various designs and shape.Products should be attractive and reasonable prices.Every women or girls are very choosy and always very tentative while selecting any products.
If products is creative or attractive then it will more chances of product to sell in the market on profitable stage.owners can sell your handbags through consignment
at boutiques, local stores.for enhance a  business people can conduct a exhibition or put a stalls on the street to sell them,
sometimes it can be done on the partnership basis.
  • Homemade sweets

Homemade sweets
In homemade sweets some people having cooking hobbies or try to make different types of sweets.
Some people want to extend it by build a contacts with near and dear ones. With this hobbies can be converted in a business.
  • Candle Making

Candle Making
In small Business  people who start its business is  own boss and having  the  full freedom to do work as he or she liked to do and  enjoy the work which they are making .It build some confidence and ability .
Now, In candlemaking business is attractive business every person are very fond of it. colorful candles make the look of home very different.
In any kind of occasions,people wants different types,colorful and designing candles.
At the time of Festivals like Diwali, people decorate their home with kinds of candles.
  • Photography


Photography Business are most considerable because photography is business in which person should be trained or professional.Many companies,school or other working industries needs banners ,images ,photo which look real not artificial.
Photographyis only done hobbyist or professional person ,its doesn’t cost much.
  • Painting

Painting is types of creativity which comes from mind and paste on paper, Many people have ability  to design a painting with innovative ideas.
various kinds of painting are there:Glass Painting,Emboss Painting,Oil painting,Castel Paintingand many more.
  • Jewelry Making

Jewelry Making
It can be done as hobby but it  can be converted into  business. both work full-time and any profit they receive from selling their jewelry  into buying more beads etc. to make more jewelry.
  • Catering Services

Catering Services
Catering Business is work at everywhere in world. On occasions ,party ,and other reasons where catering is required.Catering business beneficial for those who live alone or who require services.
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