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"There is not one big cosmic meaning for all, there is only the meaning we each give to our life."

- Anais Nin


Starting a new business or owning one, already makes you a business professional. And to come out with flying colors in your business you need ‘goals’. Goals define not only the future of your business but they also define the actions in present and have the power to not repeat the past mistakes. Without setting goals, there is a possibility that you might get diverted from your vision and head your business in a completely wrong direction. With the right and achievable goals set for your business, the overall growth-curve of your business is in safe hands. If you wish to see your business growing and changing its forms dramatically, here is a list of goals for you. Select the ones that happen to be your low-hanging fruits and align yourself and your teams to achieve them.


  • A rupee saved is a rupee earned


A rupee saved is a rupee earned


You surely must not have missed watching the Bollywood movie- ‘Mission Mangal’. What’s the biggest lesson that it teaches us? It’s that- With consistent hard work, determination, and innovation you create ‘exclusive’, in spite of cutting down your costs. As a business owner, it becomes your necessity to control expenses in a company. Just like the scientists in ‘Mission Mangal’, try putting some cost-saving ideas on the table.


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  • Together everyone achieves more


increase the productivity


You alone can earn say a few thousand rupees in a day. But if you have a team of hundred like-minded people with you, how much would you earn each day? To have this mathematics work well for you, you must motivate your employees and increase the productivity of your business activities. This in turn shall help you bring ease in your life and also earn multiples of your current earnings.


  • Prioritize Customer Service


Prioritize Customer Service


If you are a business owner then your customer is your God! To keep the god happy, you must keep a keen eye on your customer service practices. Recommendation for customer service has to be on the top of your list; not only because it offers you customer loyalty but also because it is a learning lesson to you to improve and scale-up. Practice and master the customer service best practices and bring home repeat orders day-in and day-out.


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  • Take your Marketing to the next level


Take your Marketing to the next level


Marketing Strategy=Business Strategy


Are you still spending your budget on conventional marketing? Well, if you are, it’s time to make new choices and scale-up your marketing. With several driving factors in place, you must focus on increasing website traffic. This can be done by redirecting and driving the traffic from your social media platforms onto your website.


  • Make your business Social


Make your business Social


The use of social media for business has gained enormous popularity in the last decade. With the help of various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter you can position your business well and also get business leads. Being active on these platforms is the need of the hour because it helps your customers, audience, and investors to know the day-to-day activities that take place in your business. Creating a social media strategy for your business can help you gain success in a more productive way.


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  • New Product Development


New Product Development

What is the next product that you wish to launch? Create a new product development assignment and challenge your teams to come up with the most innovative ideas. These new product ideas can be categorized, prioritized, researched before you launch a new product of your business in the market. This can open a door for a new set of customers for your business.


  • Revamp your business strategy


Revamp your business strategy


Irrespective of what business you are into, it is highly important to understand that, only the right strategies help fuel your business growth, earn profits, and build your brand. If you think you are investing too much sweat to achieve tiny things, it is probably time for you to revamp your business strategy. Analyzing your current strategies and introspecting them can prove beneficial to construct the new ones. By doing so, you get an opportunity to re-invent your business and exponentially grow into it!


Remember, goals are the drivers of your success. Let the goals (SMART goals) set by you reflect the mission statement of your business and fuel you and your team with enormous enthusiasm every day to achieve more!


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