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"Victory belongs to the most persevering. "

- Napoleon Bonaparte


Today I would like to share with you all that  how  Fortunate  I  am  this  year  to  explore  my abilities. Year 2020 may be the ‘BLACK YEAR’ in the calendar for all of us  but this year has      given time to everyone to realize the value of  themselves.  I  feel  fortunate  because  I  have utilized this time in a true  way, 2020 is year of being SELF-RELIANT for me. So now I will tell  you about Self-Reliant, which is important for everyone  and everyone should experience in their  life.


Now What is Self-Reliant? Self-Reliant means- ‘To know your own abilities’.


positive attitude


I realized that we should have positive approach  & positive attitude towards everything in life       and then we can see miracle do happens in life. I  would  like  to  tell  you  that  I  was  very emotional girl, my mood, my nature, my life was  not  just  impacted  by  my  actions,  it  was deprived from other’s life. I will tell  you  how?  When  I  used  to  interact  with  Near  and  Dear ones, everyone had their own problems. Everyone had their own perspective; they do judge according to their thinking and their mind. So, I realized that they could judge with their own perspective their needs, these things were affecting me,  Then  I  Realized,  these  small  things shall not affect me. I started taking care of myself. I started Meditation, I started giving time to myself. After that,  I turned more  Positive with time, not  just towards me but for  everything in       my life. When  I used  to interact  earlier  with people,  everyone had  both phases in their life,  that  is HAPPINESS and SORROWS. When someone tell me about their  good  times  or  their happiness, after listening to them, I was feeling happy. I could feel that happiness. And when someone tell me about their bad times or their sorrows, I was sad suddenly as well. So, these  things affected me big time.


As we all know SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT. He was one  of  the  finest  actor  of  the  industry. From being bright Engineering student and 7th rank holder at ALL INDIA ENGINEERING ENTRANCE EXAMS(AIEE). He has all  things in life  which  could  keep  anyone  happy.  As  per the news and media the fact came, he was depressed, and he had committed suicide. He was insane at this point; he was not in a condition to realize his own value. Similarly, you can also understand with the example of TIK-TOK.As it got banned  in  India many  cases  came  like people are depressed as they were addicted to it was  not  knowing  their  own  value.  So,  I realized one should know his or her own  worth  and  that  can  be  realized  only  when  we  will start seeing the brighter side of life and think  positive.  So,  I  thought  how  I  could  become positive towards life, Then, I realized  Meditation  will  help  and  With  the  positive  attitude,  I started my journey and it helped me in seeing better side of the life.


Before pandemic, I was dependent on other people for my work. But as  the  time  passed,  I became Independent and started doing most of my work  myself. I started learning new things, I    am now more focused on my  skills like Dancing, Singing, Cooking etc. I am  now more focused     on my extra-curriculum activities. I  started  making  new  dishes.  I  started  attending  different online webinars to improve my skills. I won  two  online  competitions-State-level  Debate Competition and Dance Competition. So in  this  time,  apart  from  studies,  I  have  much  more time for myself to explore my abilities. I love to  spend  more  time  with  my  family,  I  am  now closer to them and understood them better.


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Self-Reliance is important in everyone’s life. The most obvious being that depending on others    for help, it means there will be time when  no one can help us, we have to sort our problems   by ourself.


Self-Reliant is also important because it means one can solve their problems by own and make decisions on their own. With the help of  Self-Reliance,  we can  develop  our  abilities  and know how to manage life on our own. We need not to depend on others if we can help it.


Nowadays, we saw everywhere people are willing to  do  new  things  and  they  are  curious  to learn new things. And many of them have ability to do these things. Actually, everyone has the ability to do new things and work as  well. It happens when we start focus on our self and in   our abilities.


Self-Reliance is very important for  children’s also. children need to teach Self-Reliant when they  are young so that it can develop them in young age and  then  they  do  not  face  problems  in future. As they can understand the importance of Self-Reliant in young age. They can manage    their  problems at their own, they should know how to deal  with problems and sort these  things  in a simple and smart way.




Self-Reliant  can  develop their  mind and skills in a young  age if they were guided and taught in     a right way. They can do things in a creative manner. Being Self-reliant Means-Ability to take  control over your life, being motivated within and being able to care of oneself.


This year many of us realized that being self-reliant is necessary in our life. Due to COVID19(CORONA VIRUS) people become more hygienic, they are becoming more hygienic around themselves. They are more focused towards their health, and this developed as good habit among all of us. They have improved their social and mental status through knowledge


and curiosity. People are now more focused on their  fitness.  They  start  doing  Exercise  and Yoga on daily basis. This has improved their health both physically and mentally. Many people realize worshipping is not only done in temples; this is in our inner self. People start online Meditation workshop and realize that inner peace is more important  than  worshipping.  They attend online webinars and workshops. This has helped  many  of  us  and  I  wish  everyone should start realizing value of their own time, their life,  their  goals  and work  towards  it  for a better tomorrow for our self and the society.


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