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New Year’s Health Tips for business owners in 2021

Mrudula Deodhar

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"There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge. "

- Napoleon Hill

“Health is wealth”, isn’t just a proverb today. It has become a statement to be remembered by everyone out there. Developments in the field of technology have made human life easy and at the same time effortless. We nowadays live a life of almost no effort. We get our jobs done online while we keep consuming junk over junk for our living. In the process of living a busy life, we forget to take care of our own selves. Especially business owners live an extra busy life wherein they are unable to find even an hour free to exercise or eat healthily. This piece of the article consists of new year’s health tips for business owners in 2020.


  1. Watch your immunity



Good immunity is key to good health. We spend most of our day to day life in polluted areas, we end up eating unhealthy food without any good physical activity. These are the prime reasons why we have a bad immune system. As a business owner, you must be consuming a chunk of a specific food to increase immunity. This can include herbs, fruits, vegetables, etc. You must keep a check on having good health because that’s what keeps you going. Consuming foods that increase stamina and energy will help you sustain yourself during your busy schedules.


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  1. Drink more fluids


Drink Fluids


The human body contains a huge amount of water in itself. That’s probably why we say- ‘Water is life’! As a busy business owner, you must make sure that you drink more water. Consuming at least 10-11 glasses of water every day is considered healthy. Along with water-consuming fruit juices without refined sugar is a healthy choice.

  1. Exercise Daily



There is absolutely no need to go all the way to the gym each day. Spending at least thirty minutes for daily exercise at home is a wise idea. Set an everyday workout routine for yourself, may it be a jog, yoga, aerobics, swimming, hardcore exercises, or outdoor games. Do anything that you enjoy doing, but make sure you really do it every single day.

Exercise is not just about doing physical activity. Like your body, your stressed-out brain and mind also need exercise to stay in good health. Doing some mindfulness exercises or mindfulness meditation can give you outstanding results in your day-to-day life. 


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  1. Sleep well




Sleeping habits have a lot to do with your health. Obesity, acidity, stresses are the causes and results of not sleeping well. You must strictly improve your sleep quality because it matters as much as every other healthy habit of your day. To improve your sleep quality, make sure you get rid of all the screens an hour before going to bed, eat enough, and consume water to stay hydrated during sleep.

  1. Take a break


Entrepreaneur break


Even if you love your work, believe me, you are a human being and you need a break too. Every year you must be planning budget vacations with your family or friends at least once for a week or so. It is a good rest to your mind and body that can refresh you and give you the energy to work harder for another year. Have a travel planner for yourself if you are a busy traveller, who knows, maybe your next trip abroad can be more fun if you have planned it well.


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  1. Self-care



Self-care happens out of self-love. And you ought to have it for yourself. Practising self-care is the best gift you can give yourself every day. Like you spend all your life making others feel pampered and happy, make time for self-care and self-pampering too. You do deserve it!! A day at a spa, or a parlor or a relaxing head massage, etc. are some ways of caring for yourself. Maybe you can go on a date with yourself at your favorite restaurant as well. Keep finding ways and time from your occupied schedule to care for and love yourself.

Hope you felt like following these easy tips during your busy business schedules. If not all at a time, taking baby steps towards leading a healthy lifestyle is a great choice you can make today!

Have a healthy and fruitful new year!

Mrudula Deodhar

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