Marketing Strategies for Fresh Fruits & Vegetables


Marketing Strategies for Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

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It is evident that there is an increased interest amongst people about nutrition. The contributing factor being the health and immunity-based crises of 2020. Nutrition comes with nutritious food, and immunity comes with good quality eatable products. It is quite obvious that the Indian kitchens start with fresh fruits and vegetable supplies. This gives an open and bright opportunity for businesses in the field of fruits and vegetables. Marketing strategy is essential for your fruits and vegetable business because it lets your audience know more about you and your unique specialities.


Let’s have a look at five marketing strategies for fruits and vegetable business that can help you in the long run:


  • Nutrition Labelling for fresh fruits and vegetables


Nutrition Labelling for fresh fruits and vegetables


While most of the doctors, nutritionists, dietitians and physicians might be knowing the exact value of each fruit and vegetable, it is highly impossible for a common person to be knowledgeable about it. To educate your end customer about the nutrition details of the product, it is essential to have nutrition facts label for fresh fruits & vegetables. This will give a clear picture of all the necessary details of your product to the customer. Also, it will make them feel delighted while buying and consuming your products.


What to include while packaging and labelling for fresh fruits?


Serving Size


Calories per serving


Micro and macronutrients


Packaging date


Last date for best usage


You may consider similar pointers for the packaging and labelling for vegetables.


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  • Additional Content


Printing recipes


Although most of your fresh fruits’ products are meant to be consumed raw, the vegetable products need to be cooked. Printing recipes on packages give an additional benefit to your customers for which they would remember you. Your customers can read and prepare the recipes printed by you which would also save their time and energy while using your products. This goes the same for fruit packages. Printing recipes on packages for fresh fruits may include recipes of pickles, jams, smoothies, fruit salads, etc. Your customers are going to be in love with your brand for this feature!!


  • Promotions




Promotions can be of two types- Offline and Online. 


Offline promotions are a conventional way of marketing. If you wish to opt for this type of promotion, you may use print media such as banners for promotion and advertising. It also includes pamphlets, hoardings, brochures, leaflets, company and warehouse branding etc. Banner advertising is known to be one of the most common yet the most influential types of promotions when it comes to offline promotions.


Online promotions include paid promotions of social media content, ads and banners. This is also another very reliable method of marketing because you get to opt for a set of people that is your target audience.


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  • Special Offers


Special Offers


Don’t we all fall for things like:


70% off 


Sale Sale Sale!!!! 


Special Discount for College Students!


Well, we all do and then we forget our budgets and shop our hearts out! Why not try the same strategy for your own business? You can start to provide discount coupons in your circle, housing society and so on. This will give you a word of mouth and generate more sales. Similarly, if you are actively marketing your brand on social platforms, you can give a promo code to your buyers which will generate more sales and add more audience to your brand page of the business. 


  • A few ground rules


 brand value.


Everyone in business feels or at least wants their product to be the best in the world! Feeling so or wanting to do so doesn’t give you any space to raise the prices of your products by 10X. If at all, you believe that your product deserves a 10X pricing, it is a matter of time that happens with increasing brand value. But, at the beginning of your business, you have to have competitive prices for your products. Fair and reasonable price gives you a huge chunk of buyers. People are likely to buy your products for the first and foremost reason that your products are affordable. Then comes the quality of your products and then the brand value. Keep a keen check on your buying and packaging processes so as to offer reasonable and customary rates to your end customers.


These five marketing strategies for fresh fruits and vegetables can bring-in grand success to your business if applied at the earliest.


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