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Marketing For Your Home Based Cake Business

Samikshya Borse

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"Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work. "

- Rita Mae Brown


Cakes are something that people of all ages love to enjoy but only some can make. Baking a stunning cake is nothing short of an art and if you are the proud owner of this talent, then we’re sure most of you have already converted your passion into a home-based business.


 Quite often though, starting a home baking business of your own can be daunting as it is not just about whipping out delicious cakes anymore – marketing your business plays a very important role today. In the cake baking industry especially, having a proper cake business marketing strategy really helps in the long run. After all, your business needs to grow and it’s not going to get any better without some strong marketing. 


According to a report by Research and Markets, the cake market in India is projected to grow at a rate of 12.5% during the period 2018 to 2023. This is expected to happen due to the rise in innovation in product offerings, rising urbanization, growth in online retailing and surge in consumer spending. 


So basically, it’s the perfect time to dive fully into your passion and start and market your home-based baking business. Once you start, you are bound to wonder – how do people find out about my products? How should I look for new customers? How to advertise my cake business?


Well, to answer all these questions and more, here’s a list of the ways in which you can promote your home-based cake business:- 


  • Define your target market:-




 Before you start any business, it’s important to figure out which way you want to go. Think about what kind of people you want to attract to your baking business and who is likely to become a better customer for your product. If you are able to do so, then the rest of the marketing process will go much more smoothly.


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  • Attract potential customers:-




Once you’ve got your ideal customer in mind, you must think about how you can let them know about your cake business. As a matter of fact, different groups of people spend their time doing different things and hence are exposed to different advertising. For your home-based cake business, some of the best ways to attract potential customers are engaging via social media, attending cake fairs and exhibitions, offline and online networking. For advertising, choosing the right colors, words, images and overall style is vital.


  • Launch your business –


Business launch


 Now that you have thought about how to get potential customers, it’s now time to put your plans into action. When it comes to launching your home-based cake business, the first thing to do is spread the word to friends and acquaintances. Use local advertising, give an opening offer to customers and depending on your budget, you can even distribute pamphlets in your area.


  • Focus on customer satisfaction:-


Customer Satisfaction


Once your business takes off and you’ve got a loyal customer base who regularly order from you, the final and important step is to treat them well. Making sure that they are satisfied with your products is important for the long-term success of your cake business. When customers are happy with your offerings, they are likely to share their experiences with their friends and family. This creates a chain of word-of-mouth advertising which is the most powerful form of advertising for any business ever. Giving special offers and discounts periodically to regular customers is another effective way and greatly helps in retaining customers. 


If your home-based cake business offers great service with excellent, quality products, then it makes sense to shout it out to the world and let them know about your business. Marketing is a never-ending aspect of any business which takes constant effort, but the returns are totally worth it in the end! 


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Samikshya Borse

Story By:

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