Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Business

Aparna Jaiswal

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with approximately 800 million users all over the world. Many business giants are acing their game on this platform and creating a lot of engagement and brand awareness of their products. This ultimately helps them to generate a large number of sales. 


It is important to know about Instagram marketing tips and Instagram marketing services to use the platform better. This online media platform can turn out to be boon for small businesses.


So, all of you who are wondering how to use Instagram for business marketing, here are some of the Instagram marketing tips for small business that you should follow.


  • Build A Strong Business Profile


company profile


Whenever a customer scrolls through your profile, it’s important to show them who you are and what you do.  A strong business profile plays a vital role in reflecting the goals and achievements of your business.


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  • Paid Instagram Ads


paid ads


Budget is an issue for every small business owner when they think of marketing on Instagram, but running ads on Instagram is quite affordable. It becomes easier if you already have a Facebook ads account. Advertisements on Facebook and Instagram can be managed through ads manager effectively.


Also, keep yourself updated about the latest Instagram marketing services to acheive the goals faster.


  • Make Content Calender




Be it pictures, stories or videos that you are posting on Instagram, it’s all a form of content. So, it becomes essential to have a content calendar in place to strategise what content has to go on which day, time, event etc. You can never miss out on this one because if there is no strategy then no matter how hard you work, the efforts will go in vain. 


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  • Consistency




If you want to keep your audience hooked then consistency is a must. When you have a loyal fanbase, they literally wait for your content. If you won’t show consistency in your work then it will give a negative impression on the people and they will start unfollowing you.


  • Using Right Hashtags




Hashtags help you to reach out to the right people. There should be proper research to find the relevant hashtags for your business


Also, hashtags are a great way to be with the trend. When you use the right hashtags, it allows your business to rank for the trending events. 


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  • Use Instagram Stories


instagram stories


People are more likely to watch your Instagram stories than your posts. Therefore, you must master the art of using Instagram stories for your business. Today Instagram stories have a lot of features that you should learn to use it wisely.


  • Post Videos




It’s a very normal human behaviour that people like to watch something instead of just looking at pictures or texts. This is why posting videos on Instagram is more beneficial than just images.


However, it totally depends on what you are posting about. But in general, videos do a lot better job than photos.


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  • Importance Of Revamping The Content


revamp content


It should be a part of your marketing strategy to use the old content and make it more engaging and suitable for reposting.


  • Increase Engagement (Comments and Direct Messages)




Your audience not only wants to know about your business but also the people behind it. It’s always good to have an engagement with them via comments, direct messages or through Instagram stories.


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  • Influencer Marketing




There are influencers on Instagram that already have a lot of followers. Your business can get benefitted from their popularity. It helps your business in increasing its brand awareness and attracting a lot of traffic on your business page.


  • Competitor Analysis




Whether its life or work, you should always have an eye on what your competitors are doing to better their game. You should look at what strategies and services they are using or lacking and how you can upgrade your business.


  • Tracking What’s Working And What’s Not




It doesn’t matter how many strategies you make if the results are not according to the plan, then there is no use of it. Tracking of what’s working in your favour and what’s not is really important.


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Aparna Jaiswal

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