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Improving the Demand for Homely Meals through Social Media Marketing

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"Better be ignorant of a matter than half know it. "

- Publilius Syrus


There has been an increasing demand for cloud kitchens post lockdown or after the spread of pandemic. This has also added to the levels of consciousness on the wavering health levels and finding apt ways to stabilize it. However, there are always unchanged levels of cravings amongst foodies on a global level. In addition, most restaurants and food outlets have started becoming more aware on ways to supply hygienic homely foods.


Contributing to this issue, there has been leading roles played by many restaurants and food outlets. create a cut in the amount of unhealthy ingredients added on to the daily diets of consumers, increases the value and demand for hygienic and nutritious homemade food. The social media has been playing an inevitable role in growing the value and demand for homely meals in many different ways.


  • Ways in which Social Medias have added to Healthy Eating


 Social Medias have added to Healthy Eating


While most of us think about good food, social medias set reminders on good health and finds ways to promote it. The following are some of the ways in which these medias promote healthy eating:


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  • Healthier Ingredients


Healthier Ingredients


Homely foods always have the benefit of being cooked by a person who values your health than appealing the customer’s taste buds. While most food outlets serve their customers with delicious and appetizing food varieties, very few thinks about maintaining their health standards. This is what makes homely foods more demanding. Ads on homely foods increase hunger pangs, but apart from that, it cuts down the unnecessary amounts of calories and fats, thereby maintaining your food habits as normal. Here, rather than you controlling your food intake, the food intake controls you.


  • Controlled Portions


Controlled Portions


The worst problem faced with eating out is that it is hard for you to control on the portions that you order or eat. Social medias play a major role in helping the consumers order and eat their portions in the right way. In most cases, homely meals are delivered to the consumers with the quantity per person fixed unlike the other food varieties where the quantity is prefixed on every order. Homely meal providers advertise with a mental calculation of how much food one would probably consume and then add a rate to it. This also creates an impression in the minds of the consumers of valuing the amount that they have paid for the portions


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  • Introduce age old recipes


Introduce age old recipes


Homely meals are best recommended by food experts since they are cooked, following the age old recipes. These recipes are the ones that have been passed on to the generations are best to maintain the health levels of customers. Many restaurants or food outlets take bulk or individual orders from customers with an assurance that they provide hygienic foods. But this is not the case of many restaurants that serve you fast foods. Here, the homely food providing outlets follow the best nutritious practices and prepare the meals with extreme levels of hygiene. Some very famous homely food chains also show their preparations in live through social medias which adds to the credibility and safety of consumers.


  • Builds on Healthy Eating Habits


Builds on Healthy Eating Habits


Had it been a normal life, like how it used to be pre lockdown, many of us would have given up healthy eating partially or fully. There would have been umpteen numbers of restaurants who would be all set to showcase their gluten filled and fatty food menus. But all thanks to the pandemic, people have become more aware of what they eat than where they eat by connecting to homely meal outlets through social medias. As of the current situations, most food delivery apps have been showcasing a list of homely food outlets where the best home cooked meals have been served. Apart from all these, the foods ordered can be safely consumed since they are devoid of any artificial ingredients or threats of being unhygienic due to being prepared with cleanliness assured. This is one of the major assurances that homely meal providers provide and must be checked out


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  • Increases value for food


Increases value for food


Since the pandemic is spreading at a lightning speed, a fall in income and a rise in expenses, there has been a fall in the graph of unhealthy eating styles. Moreover, when we normally visit a restaurant, we often spend over the priciest food on the menu card and often waste half the portions. This is comparatively reduced when it comes to opting a homely food outlet through social media. Here, the opinion of the consumers is valued more than the restaurant’s rating. What makes a difference in buying the same food from a food outlet and  a homely food outlet is that the ratings are honest in the latter. More value is given to the food served than the ratings in case of homely meals beyond mere social media promotions.


  • Ensures food safety


Ensures food safety


The worst concerns that consumers deal with food ordered through apps are that they seem to be unhygienic or not matching the expectations of the consumer. But when it comes to homely foods, the very beginning of their social media marketing itself starts with standards of safety. Hence, even if the food outlets do not emphasize on the same, the opinion of consumers are taken into consideration while adding remarks. This is the major reason for increase in demand of homely foods through social media marketing.


While most food outlets have their own names and varieties on the menu emphasized, very few talk about the consumer side. This is where social media marketing comes into light and adds more importance to the value of the meals and their health concerned queries rather than the appetizing aspects. The current rising trend of social media marketing of homely foods definitely show a ray of hope for a healthy future generation.


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